No one wants the Big Donkey?

Dierkes rounds up all of the chatter about Adam Dunn. Upshot: no one is all that hot for him. Someone, however, is eventually going to sign this guy and get the biggest bargain of the offseason. Sure, his defense is reason for every NL to give pause, but that’s the reason not to pay him, say, $13 million over years. For a one year deal south of $10 million, however? Sign me up, baby, because those 35-40 homers and all of those walks will cover a lot of ills with the leather. If Atlanta signed him right now I would be the happiest little Braves fan north of the Mason-Dixon line.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    The Angels should consider platooning Dunn and Vlad in right and as DH.  Dunn plays about a 1/3 of the season in right allowing Vlad to rest his knees as takes Dunn’s DH spot.

  2. Levi Stahl said...

    This blows my mind. I know he doesn’t have a rep as a gamer—one that I’ve seen plenty of people argue pretty convincingly is undeserved—but good god, those are consistent numbers he puts up. Wow.

  3. go zips said...

    gamer??  bottom of the ninth, one out, man on third, tie game. do you want adam “k” dunn coming up for you?  i would love to know his batted ablls in play percentage.  he seems famous for the 3 run dinger when your team is down by 8.

  4. Aarcraft said...

    How dare he turn an 8 run deficit into a 5. Perhaps if his teams didn’t get in so many 8 run deficits, his 40 a year homeruns would help on occasion.

  5. Timmy said...

    …And I’d be the happiest Braves fan north of the TN/GA border.

    The fact that the Braves were willing to offer Burnett a deal twice the size of what it’d take to sign Dunn made me sick.  Thank God for the Yankees.

  6. go zips said...

    maybe he hits so many dingers that dont matter cuz the pressure is off and he can just take those big loopy swings with his eyes open.

  7. The Common Man said...

    @ go zips

    “bottom of the ninth, one out, man on third, tie game. do you want adam “k” dunn coming up for you?”

    No, probably not in that situation.  But with a runner on first with two outs in the ninth and down by a run, I’d like to have him.  Let’s play the situation game all day and pick very specific times in which we would like and would not like to have Adam Dunn hitting for us.  That sounds productive.  Or let’s talk about how in the vast majority of situations, having a player who gets on base and hits for power is more desirable than a player who does not.

    Also, Dunn’s BABIP last year was .293 (though to be fair, he’s bounced around a great deal over the years).

  8. SleepyCa said...

    “bottom of the ninth, one out, man on third, tie game. do you want adam “k” dunn coming up for you?”

    Well, given that he is extremely unlikely to GIDP, and hits a lot of deep fly balls, he’s a pretty good choice for that situation. 

    FWIW, in 2008 he had 46 PA’s with a man on 3rd, less than 2 out.  In those PA’s he had 21 RBI’s and was walked 11 times.

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