Nobody’s catching the Dodgers

We all kind of knew that already, but Bruce Jenkins tells us why:

Jason Schmidt took the mound for the first time in a couple of years, and he was unbelievably bad. Three guys crushed the ball in the first inning. His curveball was all over the place. His fastball had no life. He hit a guy (harmlessly) in the helmet. The Reds took a 3-0 lead, and it felt like 10-0. Guys were running up to the plate for a chance to face him. By the time the Dodgers finishing hitting in their half of the first, they had a 4-3 lead. Schmidt — and I’ll never know how — got through the fifth inning to get the win. My wife looked at me in disgust and said, “Nobody’s catching the Dodgers. Not if they win that game.”

Wow. Jenkins’ wife watches baseball with him and actually has strong feelings about it. I’m so jealous.

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  1. Taylor said...

    I felt sick to my stomach watching that game as a Reds fan.  How do you not score 8 runs on Schmidt in that first frame?  Torre already had the bullpen up and warming.  Of course Brandon Phillips doesn’t get his a$$ to second base by failing to hustle out of the box on a fly ball to right when Ethier lost it in the lights/sun.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    She does sometimes. And yes, she ridicules/yells/slaps all the damn time.  It’s practically the basis of our relationship.

  3. puck said...

    Rockies fans think their team can catch the Dodgers.  I’d chide them for being delusional, except they have now come back from the dead (9.5 games back) to take the wild card lead (in 41 games), so I can excuse some exuberant optimism.

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