Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender

The Ballpark at Arlington is not among the top-10 vegetarian ballparks.

This is likely not an accident:

After years of trying to find a consistent, high quality steak, [Nolan] Ryan finally decided that the only way he could guarantee beef that was tender and good every time was to start his own brand. He gathered up several of his ranching friends and enlisted some of the top meat scientists and beef marketing people in the world. Together, they developed a program to provide guaranteed tender, all natural beef that would always be tender and tasty and a great value for families.

Ten gallon hats-off to Nolan Ryan, the king of multitasking. That he can simultaneously ensure that his beef stays tender while his pitchers’ arms get all tough and stringy is a testament to his Texas can-do attitude!

And no, I’m not sure why I was reading a website called “” Things just kind of happen like that when you blog.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    Of course that tender and tasty 4 oz hamburger can your for the great family value of $5 at a concession stand near you.  Add in the $4 soda, $3.50 for popcorn you can feed your family of four in exhange for a single Grant faced bill.

  2. Richard in Dallas said...

    Actaully, his prime rib is served at the Bullpen Grill buffet at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Game days only, I believe.  For $25 it’s all you can eat prime rib, fish, great veggies, and a ton of other goodies.  Quite the value, ballpark or not!

  3. MooseinOhio said...

    Richard – That sounds tasty – next trip we make to Dallas to visit my wife’s family may need to correspond with a homestand.

  4. Chipmaker said...

    Ryan has been part owner of the Round Rock Express, just north of Austin, since the team relo’d in 2000 (they had been the Jackson Generals). I get to a few games every year, and I don’t recall exactly the season it went on sale, but Ryan’s beef has been available at the Express’ park for several years now.

    I’ve had it. It’s good, if you’re into beef.

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