Obama Bobbleheads

You’d think they’d make these in the U.S.A., no?

President Obama bobbleheads planned for a give-away at a minor-league baseball game on Saturday apparently have not gotten approval from customs officials. The West Virginia Power Class A baseball team said that 1,000 of the figures, produced overseas, had been held up at a Customs and Border Protection warehouse in Los Angeles since May 20. It is unlikely the bobbleheads will arrive in time for the giveaway, a team official said, so fans will be given vouchers.

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  1. Aaron Moreno said...

    Hey, it’s not like [joke about President Obama not being really American-uh, something about cosmopolitanism, I guess]. Am I right, folks?

  2. Richard Barbieri said...

    Uh-oh, I’m going to “Baracklyn” Cyclones night at KeySpan Park in a few weeks, I sure hope those bobbleheads get through.

  3. Richard in Dallas said...

    The government is probably holding on to them until they can figure out how to use them to systematically reduce testosterone levels in American males……..

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