Oh yeah?

Hey Boston! You take our old pitcher, we’ll take your old pitcher!

With the news that John Smoltz may be headed to the Red Sox, it should come as a no surprise that the Braves appear to be intensifying their pursuit of another free-agent pitcher: Derek Lowe.

According to a baseball source, Lowe is scheduled to meet with representatives of the Braves this afternoon in Atlanta. The Braves have spent much of the offseason looking for another starting pitcher since since acquiring Javier Vazquez from the Chicago White Sox and now appear focused on Lowe as that alternative.

OK, so he hasn’t been in Boston for a while and you probably don’t want him back anyway. Let me have this, though. It’s been a rough offseason for Braves fans.

For what it’s worth, given how much salary has come off the books in Atlanta, and given the reports that Liberty Media truly wants to spend more money, I can’t imagine that the Braves couldn’t substantially top the Mets’ 3/$36M offer to Lowe. Of course, given that Lowe reportedly wants to be in the northeast and given that Boras is involved, I can’t imagine that this is anything other than a ploy to get New York to go higher.

Can you remember the last time a team was as used and abused as the Braves have been these past couple of months?

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    Start the BringBackTed website and petition now – let the glory days live again.  Plus it would be great to go to the ballpark and get a great tasting, and good for you, bison burger.

  2. themarksmith said...

    Craig, I need a hug. Can I have a hug? I’ll have more on this when I can wrap my head around it. I’m … well … flabbergasted. But this is business.

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