1. mike in brooklyn said...

    And now that I am awake, I realize my post was not entirely accurate:  yes, Omar has made a few good trades.  Delgado worked out well, I think.  And I keep forgetting Santana was a trade, because it was one of those free agent/ trade hybrids where they get to negotiate an extension before the trade actually goes down.

    Of course, like the guy in Memento, I will forget all this again when I wake up tomorrow.  I may have to tattoo a list of all the transactions on my chest—backwards.

  2. Ron said...

    Isn’t Rubin doing the exact same thing he’s accussing Minaya of doing? Deflecting the story away from himself by blaming someone else for the problem?

    Doesn’t seem very original to me. It’s still an ‘I said/he said’ situation.

    Rubin is claiming he was an independent source exposing an issue with the Mets management. Shouldn’t he keep his mouth shut and follow his own example. In other words, stop defending himself in public and let someone else do it independently?

    Why does Rubin get that option, but Minaya doesn’t? I’m not defending Minaya. He needs to go, but that’s an entirely different situation.

    The question is, did Rubin have ulterior motives and use his position to get Bernzard fired, either for revenge or for a chance to get his job?

    So far, from what I’ve read, the only person denying that are Rubin and other media types. Gee, the media protecting the media and cherry picking the storis they want to print. Who would have thought it?

  3. michael standish said...

    According to Rubin (via Shysterexileball),

    “As I told the reporters who descended upon me after Minaya left the press conference, I have never, ever, asked Omar Minaya for a job. Or even career advice. Frankly, I’ve never been very close to him. What I have done, and what Mets COO Jeff Wilpon acknowledged later yesterday, is ask Wilpon for ‘career advice.’ My question: Is it even remotely feasible for a baseball writer to get into an administrative job with a team – any team – down the road and what would I need for that to be achieved?

    Wilpon once invited me to his office at Citi Field for an advisory session. I never took him up on it.”

    Too bad: To address whether a writer has a shot at an administrative job would require not only setting out the standards for hiring or not hiring, but also why “a writer” would or would not meet those standards.

    In short, we might have been treated to the spectacle of a front office guy explaining whether or not writers in general have a useful level of knowledge about the game. Oh well.

    On another front, I wonder if the only reason the Mets took on Bernazard is that Ugueth Urbina had prior commitments.

  4. JE said...

    Good points, Craig. Regarding Rubin, I don’t recall screaming and yelling when political reporters started joining the Obama administration shortly after covering the presidential election for their respective media outlets.

  5. mike in brooklyn said...

    I know there are (allegedly) such things as “journalistic ethics”, although I have no idea what they are.  However, I am sure they do not have to be as strict with sports journalists as with, say, political reporters.  As Jon Heyman—who seemed to actually make sense on this subject yesterday on SNY!—said, Rubin’s asking advice of MEts officials might technically be bad practice, it’s not a big deal.  Again, I’d be much more upset if someone covering the White House were doing that—a forum in which the truth is much more important to the public than on the back pages. 

    Heyman also made sense when he said Omar needs to turn up a resume, or a cover letter, or something.  Otherwise, it just sounds like he made the whole thing up as retaliation.

    Hopefully, this will embarrass the Wilpons enough so Omar’s days are numbered.  Has he EVER made a good trade?  Heck, I can spend other people’s money to buy the top free agent each year.

    (And, JE: in the interest of “balance”, don’t forget Tony Snow joining the Bush White House)

  6. JE said...

    Agreed regarding Snow, Mike, although, like Stephanopoulos, he had already served in a White House prior to his Detroit News and Fox News Sunday/Weekend gigs.

    And I doubt he needed to ask Cheney for career advice! wink

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