Omar, Jerry to be back in 2010

So sayeth Mr. Wilpon:

Mets owner Fred Wilpon broke his extended silence yesterday, just long enough to take one question from The Post, and indicated he already has his general manager in place for 2010.

“Am I going to bring Omar back next year?” Wilpon said. “Absolutely. That’s a fact.”

You can take that at face value if you want. Or you could compare it to previous votes of confidence given by the Mets. You can also try to figure out how the injuries play into all of this. On the one hand, you probably have a hard time blaming your manager and GM for the bad year when virtually every single good player you have is on the DL for long stretches. On the other, if you were to fire, say, your manager after losing a bunch of games due to injuries, his replacement is almost certainly to have better luck and a better record, thereby making you look pretty smart for making the change. At least to people who don’t pay too close attention to such things.

My view is that anything can happen when the Wilpons and Omar Minaya are involved, so it wouldn’t shock me to see at least Jerry Manuel gone before next spring, vote of confidence or not.

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  1. mike in brooklyn said...

    A friend/fellow Mets fan posted on his FB wall last night that the Mets should just take Sept of and regroup in February.  Another friend/Yankees fan commented “February 2013 maybe”.

    God, I hate them.

    The suffering of a Met fan is truly unique—having to live in the middle of another team’s success.  The only comparable thing must be the Clipper fans.  But at least they aren’t burdened by unfulfilled hope.

  2. mike in brooklyn said...

    Yeah, Greg.  But when you write how bad it is not to have won a WS since ‘08, I don’t think that affects a fan…unless he/she is like 101.  For instance, I got no disapointment from the Mets until 73 or so, which is about as early as I can remember.

  3. DJ Friedman said...

    I am a Yankees fan, so I’m sure that my comment will be nigh-completely disregarded as having too much bias, but it seems to me that the most notable quality of Mets fans’ suffering is the degree of martyrdom the fans claim.  The only team’s fans that can match that level of self-pity are the Red Sox pre-2004.

  4. mike in brooklyn said...

    I’m sorry.  was there a post after mine?  funny, i thought there was.  but i don’t see anything…

  5. Lew From Brooklyn said...

    Manaya should be fired.  He has made some bone head moves including signing one of the worst pitchers in the majors to a 37 million dollar multi year contract.  The minors have no talent at all and the team needs lots of help.  With a weak free agency market and not much to trade, its going to be a long time before the Mets improve.

  6. mike in brooklyn said...

    stop messin’ with my head, aaron.

    and,lew—i agree that it will be a long time before the mets can, say, compete with the phillies.  but i still think they can compete for the wild card.  i think the return of reyes and beltran alone will be enough to do that.  and, while we were certainly hoping for more from this team after 06, after what’s happened this year, i would be very happy with just competing for the wild card.

  7. Max said...

    Johan Santana has elbow pain.  Will miss tomorrow’s start. 

    Don’t worry DJ.  No self-pity here.  Nothing but pride in my Figueroa, Redding, Parnell, Perez, Pelfrey rotation and my Murphy-Tatis-Sheffield heart of the order.  Pride!

  8. Greg Simons said...

    It’s indeed a tough time to be a Mets fan, Max.  Not that I am one, but I’m willing to have a bit of sympathy, even though I (a Cardinals fan) greatly disliked the Mets in the late 80s.  I can’t believe all the injuries to their stars…

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