Ozzie is always bored

Ozzie Guillen saying what I suspect a lot of managers think:

“I’m always bored,” Guillen said. “I’m not playing. You’re sitting around for seven innings. My game starts in the sixth [or] seventh inning. That’s when you see me look around the stands a lot, because you play this game for that many years and coach it and be there for that many years and you’re just managing, it’s a boring game all day for me.”

So boring, in fact, that as Guillen headed up the steps and out of the press room he admitted that he started counting the number of people in the stands who had his name on the back of their jerseys.

“I counted 35,” he said, trying to forget about his team’s performance.

What, you think Guillen sits in the dugout consulting charts about opposing runners’ base stealing percentage?

(Thanks to reader Amos for the link)

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  1. ThePitch said...

    I really don’t like Ozzie but this might be the most honest thing I’ve heard from any manager.

    Boring may not be the right word all the time, but clearly frustrating that, in reality, you have no control over what happens on the field.

  2. J.W. said...

    Ozzie truly needs an even bigger stage.

    Omar Minaya: If you somehow manage to avoid the axe, please find a way to bring Ozzie on board. Soon. Like yesterday soon.

  3. Gold Star for Robot Boy said...

    Was it Torre who recently said he lets the players play for the first six innings or so, then he gets involved?

  4. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    This implies that Ozzie Guillen actually thinks, for which the evidence is sorely lacking.

  5. Matt J. said...

    Ozzie isn’t the only one…anyone remember Frank Robinson falling asleep during a Nationals game?

  6. Adam H said...

    Wooden, a guy who always outdoes his Pythag and other expected win totals doesn’t think?  A guy who is able to keep one of the healthiest pitching staff’s in baseball year in and year out doesn’t think?  A guy who has won a world series in his first few years as a big league manager doesn’t think?

    Come on, you might not like the guy, but he clearly knows what he is doing out there.

  7. tadthebad said...

    Perhaps Adam’s point is there is evidence that Ozzie Guillen can think.  Yes, I think that’s it!

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