Paging Ray Guy

They’re playing a bowl game at Tropicana Field this weekend. As soon as I read this, a question popped into my head. Thankfully, the article answers it:

Could a football hit the catwalks at the Trop? The highest catwalks — the A and B rings — are at least 142 feet above the field, far too high for any football. The C catwalk, which goes directly over the end zone in rightfield, is 99 feet up, leaving the only reasonably reachable catwalk as the D ring, which never crosses the field of play but sits at 59 feet in centerfield and slightly higher over the stands in rightfield.

The Times sent a reporter to Tropicana Field last week, with former USF goalkeeper and semi-pro kicker Mike Pepper attempting to hit a catwalk from the field of play. Pepper hit the D catwalk, but not in any normal game situation — he put two balls over the outermost ring, punting out of bounds from the far 20-yard line.

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  1. Doug Christy said...

    Awesome.  As a Trop regular, the catwalks add a somewhat fascinating dynamic to Rays games and their role/potential interplay during non-baseball sporting events is intriguing.  Jim Caple did a video piece for during the Rays playoff run that included a little information about the catwalks.

  2. Jon Daly said...

    The Saint Petersburg Bowl, eh?  If the Rose Bowl is the granddaddy of them all is this one the Cousin Oliver of bowl games?

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