Palmiero inducted to Hall of Fame

Well, a Hall of Fame:

Rafael Palmeiro, who infamously wagged his finger at Congress four years ago while denying he used steroids only to test positive a few months later, was elected to the College Baseball Hall of Fame . . .

. . . The college hall, run by the Lubbock, Texas-based College Baseball Foundation, focuses solely on what players and coaches achieved during their college careers.

Columnist outrage to begin in 5 . . .4 . . .3 . . .2 . . .

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  1. Jeff said...

    Could this be an attempt to get a little free publicity for the College Baseball Hall of Fame?  They have a pretty good class being inducted, but it’s also pretty vanilla to the mainstream media/general population. 

    I’m sure Palmeiro is deserving, a Triple Crown at any level is surely an impressive feat, but he definitely brings attention to an institution that I hardly knew existed.  It seems clear to me that they want to get sportswriters fired up.  The end result would be a ton of free, national publicity. 

    Good for them for taking advantage of Palmeiro’s notoriety and the MSM’s penchant for treating all steriod users as the anti-Christ!

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    Didn’t Palmeiro also state that “I never cheated on an exam or had a tutor write a paper for me or accepted any kind of gift (including a cup of coffee) from a supporter so I was always, I repeat always, an eligible player for Mississippi State”. 

    In a related story, Will Clark has reportedly been providing materials to HoF officials he has kept since their college days that refute Palmeiro’s claims of innocence though people are questioning the legitemacy the proof.  Clark has been overheard telling everyone that will listen that he has always been a better player than Palmeiro and the proof is an old paper on The Fall of the Roman Empire that apparently contains DNA evidence that supports the argument that tutor may have actually written the paper.  A friend, and strong supporter of Palmeiro, discredits the claim saying that the tutor did proofread the paper so any DNA evidence only proves that Palmeiro met with the tutor but provids no evidence of cheating.

  3. Richard in Dallas said...

    . . . “The college hall, run by the Lubbock, Texas-based College Baseball Foundation, focuses solely on what players and coaches achieved during their college careers.”

    As all Halls of Fame should do!  Pete Rose the manager SHOULD be banned for life.  Pete Rose the player should be celebrating about a 15 or 20 year anniversary of being inducted (even if he weren’t allowed to go see his own plaque)

  4. Chris Smith said...

    Not sure how they can make a publicity grab by adding Palmeiro. I think Boyd Nation posted the ballot packet a while back. Unless they’re pencil-whipping it, the voters pick it.

    “Hall of Fame inductees are chosen based on the votes of more than 110 representatives from coast to coast. Voters include retired and active coaches, media members and previous inductees.”

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