Panic in Queens

Neil deMause is pretty much awesome. His Field of Schemes book and blog have served as one of the primary inspirations for my criticism of public subsidies for professional sports, and rarely a day goes by when he doesn’t have something worth thinking about. Among the most interesting things from the past few days: based on the spam the Mets ticket office is sending out, there’s a decent chance that there will be empty seats in Citi Field on opening day.

My guess: if there’s even a remote chance of that, vans will be standing by to deliver free tickets to elementary and middle schools all over Queens, ensuring that the people will fill the place on opening day, even if the seats don’t generate any income. After opening day? All bets are off.

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  1. Bob Timmermann said...

    Is it bad that I enjoy seeing the Mets suffer? Should I be feeling pity instead?

    The Germans have a word for what I feel: Freude.

  2. Carl said...

    This is going to end up a major story for both the Mets and the Yankees.

    Apparently, a lot of Yankee season ticket holders who had cheap seats aren’t able to get seats, cause no one wants the $2600 seats and all the expensive season ticket holders moved down a level, which pushed everyone down.

  3. Mike said...

    Actually, Bob, i think you are a – oh, what’s the german word for it – ah, yes, a deuche.

    And it’s schadenfreude you halfwit.

  4. Alex Poterack said...

    The strange thing is that the good seats that are apparently still available are still going for above face value on StubHub…maybe they aren’t selling anymore, but I sold some for 3.5x face value just a couple weeks ago.

    As a random aside (which may or may not be more interesting—I can’t decide), in German, “deuche” would be pronounced “DOY-khuh”, with “kh” representing that clearing the throat sound that doesn’t exist in English (like CCCCChanukah).  I think I may have a new insult to use.

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