Passing the Torch

To tell you how emotionally estranged I’ve been from the Braves lately, it hadn’t even occured to me that there is competiton for the fifth spot in the Braves rotation, and it’s between Tommys old and new. From Dave O’Brien’s notes column today, after Glavine went on about how his shoulder was kind of sore:

I did toss out a question about Tommy Hanson and whether Glavine feels like he’s in competition with the young prospect to secure a spot in the rotation. Here’s his response:

“No, I think for me, its’ all about getting healthy,” Glavine said. “My only competition, so to speak, is with myself and trying to get ready for April 18. I understand Tommy Hanson and who he is, and that in all likelihood he’ll be here next year and I won’t. But that’s down the road. I don’t have any control over that right now other than ‘Hey, maybe I go out and have a good year and maybe they want me to come back next year.’”

Then, in a note whose placement after Glavine’s comments doesn’t seem accidental:

In other news, I thought you guys might want to hear what Don Sutton had to say this morning about his impressions of Tommy Hanson.

He seemed even more impressed with talking to Hanson after he pitched than with watching what he did yesterday in his three innings vs. Panama (one unearned run, striking out three of first four batters, etc).

“When you talk to a guy like that for five minutes, you throw the birth certificate out the window,” Sutton said. “He has four pitches, he’s a quick learner, makes great adjustments. I just wish for him great health. I think he has a chance to be a superstar.”

I don’t think Bobby Cox has the stones to start Hanson and turn Glavine into a swingman or worse, but one wonders if that wouldn’t be a better option for this team. At least if they want to compete this year, which I still maintain isn’t really central to the front office’s plan.

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  1. themarksmith said...

    I understand when people talk about wanting Price and Hanson to start the year in the MLB instead of AAA. I get the “25 best players” thing. Still, I wouldn’t doubt if either pitcher was up by the end of April, and I guarantee both are up by the end of May just because of injuries. If they succeed, it’s easier to cut someone like Glavine loose. If they don’t succeed, then it shows they weren’t ready yet anyway. I would rather see Hanson than Glavine as well, but depth never hurt anyone.

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