Peace in our time

Sure, to the extent there was any bad blood it was 100% manufactured by the media and the Mets’ blogosphere, but Cain and Wright bury the hatchet all the same:

Two days after a scary beaning that put him on the disabled list with a concussion, David Wright returned to Citi Field on Monday and met with the man who threw the pitch: Matt Cain.

Wright already had received calls and texts from the Giants pitcher, conveying the right-hander’s regret that his 0-and-2 pitch in Saturday’s game had veered into the All-Star third baseman’s helmet. Wright spent Saturday night in a hospital for observation, but by Monday was able to return to the ballpark. When he met with the Giants pitcher, the discussion included an extended hand and a pat on the shoulder.

But did you see that?!! Cain itched his arm right after the handshake, and everyone knows that’s an old Irish gesture symbolizing disingenuousness!!

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