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Note to the Wall Street Journal: It’s the “Rule 5 Draft,” not the “Rule V Draft.” The error is one that I’d normally let slide, but the article itself contains evidence that this was not some typo:

The Rule V draft fits perfectly in the lexicon of baseball, where words like “non-tendered,” “infield fly,” and “non-waiver trade deadline” cause casual fans to scratch their heads in bewilderment. (To answer the usual first question – V is a Roman numeral, not a letter.)

In the WSJ’s defense, hey, even a wrong answer is an answer.

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  1. Petr said...

    Reminds me of my favorite movie: V for Vendetta. His room number was V (for 5). Can’t believe this passed the editor.

  2. Pete Toms said...

    I use Rule V, always have.  I also use Rule IV.  I checked BA and they use Rule 5.  In all things minor league, defer to BA.

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