For those of you who haven’t seen this elsewhere, The MLB Network is kicking things off on January 1st with a rebroadcast of Don Larsen’s perfect game from the 1956 World Series. I was planning on watching that anyway, but this article contains two little details of which I wasn’t previously aware which make it must-see TV: (a) the game will run with its original commercials; and (b) the broadcasters will be Mel Allen and Vin Scully.

I knew on an intellectual level that Vin Scully was broadcasting the Dodgers back then, but for some reason having to do with me equating 1956 with ancient, ancient history, I hadn’t married that thought up with the fact of this game. I had just figured it would be Mel Allen. How about that.

As for the commercials, I can’t wait to find out exactly which cigarettes have that rich tobacco flavor.

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  1. themarksmith said...

    I still can’t figure out if I’ll end up getting the MLB Network or not. Anyone know how to look that up?

    Also, if they choose not to run the cigarette commercials, they should use the 4 commercials from and just rotate them.

  2. serq said...

    To find out if you get MLB Network: Contact the company you pay for television (be it cable, satellite, whatever). Comcast is carrying it in my area; I got a mailing about it a little over a week ago.

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