Peter Schmuck Interview

Baltimore Sun baseball writer Peter Schmuck has often been something of a polarizing figure among statheads and blogger-types, but I have usually enjoyed his work and, for some reason, give him a pass when I wouldn’t give other writers one for the same content. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because his self-deprecating shtick seems more genuinely self-deprecating than that of other guys who do it. Maybe it’s because I like Baltimore a lot and the juju of the place works to his benefit in my psyche. Hard to say, but I kind of like the guy.

Today Russ Smith of Splice Today interviews Schmuck about spring training, the Orioles, and the prospect of the first $10 light beer in baseball stadium history.

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  1. Chris Kash said...

    I listen to Schmuck on WBAL, where he is branching out to their daytime talk as a semi-regular contributor. He’s definitely intelligent and sounds willing to listen to more than one side of an argument.

  2. Grant said...

    Schmuck is a bum. The Sun’s sports coverage has become a series of bad jokes over the last 5 years, and Schmuck is the lead act. A pox on both their houses.

  3. Russ Smith said...

    Grant: Schmuck isn’t a bum. Peter Angelos is the bum: taking a once-great team into the gutter. And Schmuck is the best writer in the Sun’s sports section; and frankly, given that the Sun will probably go out of business before the Orioles cement their last-place finish, it’s a little churlish to call their coverage a series of bad jokes.

  4. Matt S said...

    I actually met Schmuck once, when I was working in the Ravens PressBox. Great guy. However, there is no excuse for a baseball writer—given the hypothetical situation of being able to choose three players to put on his hometown team—to not choose Albert Pujols. I cannot even comprehend this. I won’t even get started on him picking Webb.

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