Phillies trying to end World Series drought

Ya gotta believe:

The last time the Philadelphia Phillies brought a World Series title back to the City of Brotherly Love, the nation’s financial sector was in complete ruin, the cost of a gallon of milk was only $2.74, fans watched the Fall Classic while huddled around their slightly-less-streamlined high-definition television sets, and Philadelphia slugger Ryan Howard was just 28 years old.

This week Howard, 29, hopes to lead the Phillies to their first World Series championship in more than 360 long days and end a title drought that has been punctuated by several embarrassing losses, including a 2009 opening-day defeat by the Atlanta Braves and a June loss to the Atlanta Braves. During its infamous dry spell, the team has also come up short twice, winning both an NLDS and an NLCS title but having absolutely no World Series ring to show for it.

To put into perspective just how long the Phillies have gone without a championship, the earth has almost made one full orbit of the sun since the franchise last paraded through downtown Philadelphia holding the famed Commissioner’s Trophy.

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  1. lar said...

    To put that in perspective further, that’s ~576,000,000 miles travelled since they last won a World Series. Wow. That’s a long time.

    I’m pulling for those scrappy, long-suffering fools…

  2. Bill@TDS said...

    “And even though I don’t like to compare teams, this Philly squad feels similar to the one who beat the Rays back in the day. They had guys like Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Jamie Moyer—guys who could really play the game and knew how to win; not like today’s players.”

    “Man, whatever happened to Jamie Moyer?” Oliver added. “He’s got to be dead by now.”


  3. ecp said...

    Call me bitter, but as a fan of a team in a rather much longer drought, I don’t find this amusing in the slightest.  Right up there with the entitlement mentality of (some) Yankees fans.  This sort of stuff just squelches my sense of humor.

  4. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Right up there with the entitlement mentality of (some) Yankees fans.

    Well, we found the one person that didn’t get the joke.

  5. 42 said...

    @ ecp

    This is from a website called “The Onion.” From Wikipedia: The Onion is an American “news satire” organization. It features satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news as well as an entertainment newspaper … The Onion’s articles comment on current events, both real and imagined. It parodies traditional newspaper features, such as editorials, man-on-the-street interviews, and stock quotes, as well as traditional newspaper layout and AP-style editorial voice. Much of its humor depends on presenting everyday events as newsworthy items.

  6. Kevin S. said...

    Well, Girardi’s certainly doing everything he can to help them end their drought.  I will now gargle paint thinner, Sports Guy-style.

  7. mb21 said...

    I’m a Cubs fan and I thought this was hilarious.  I’m not sure what team ecp roots for.  The Cleveland Spiders?

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