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  1. A couple of other thoughts

    1-Handedness of opposing team – I prefer LHP vs. Minnesota & RHP vs. Milwaukee.

    2-Park – This goes a bit with opposing team, but I’m hesitant to pickup a starter @CWS or @CIN. Both have reasonable lineups but I want to avoid cheap HR’s

    3-Injuries & off days – I’m clearly less afraid of Cincinnati w/o Votto or Texas w/o Hamilton. If the catcher on the opposing team is a good offensive player, I can reasonably guess that he’s gonna get a day off on a day game after a night game.

  2. Handedness is certainly crucial to consider – team OPS splits can be quite strong, as Mike points out.  The other thing I’d suggest considering is Home vs. Road starts.  It’s probably on the “less important” end of the spectrum, but a THT Fantasy article from earlier this year contained data indicating a noticeably greater chance for the home-team starter to win relative to the road-dog.

  3. All good points guys.

    Mike, your idea about handedness seems important to me. I plan at taking a look at all of the teams and creating a list of teams that favor lefties/righties/ or are neutral.

    And the home/road splits article you guys are referring to (a very interesting article by Johnny Halket) shows there is a slight advantage to the home pitcher. If you are stuck between two guys, there is no shame in taking the home one.

  4. Yeah, I always look at home/road splits.  Sometimes, it’s obvious—you don’t spot start a pitching in Colorado.  Also, most every MLB team wins more games at home, so I try to pick up guys who are playing in their own ballpark.