Poe wanted to blog

This is so good it has to be phony, but via Sullivan, here is Edgar Allen Poe explaining why I decided to scratch the sports writing itch I’ve long had via blogging instead of going to journalism school and busting my hump on the beat for the past 20 years:

” . . . authors will perceive the immense advantage of giving their own manuscripts directly to the public without the expensive interference of the type-setter, and the often ruinous intervention of the publisher. All that a man of letters need do will be to pay some attention to legibility of manuscript, arrange his pages to suit himself, and stereotype them instantaneously, as arranged. He may intersperse them with his own drawings, or with anything to please his own fancy, … In the new régime the humblest will speak as often and as freely as the most exalted, and will be sure of receiving just that amount of attention which the intrinsic merit of their speeches may deserve.”

Not sure if I can get away with calling myself a man of letters, but the rest of it sounds pretty ducky.

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  1. Juke Early said...

    I went to J school. Ugh-I wouldn’t be a sports reporter, it wouldn’t be interesting enough. Blogging is essentially writing a column, which is op/ed ( Opinion & Editorial ). That’s what you typically work a beat 20 years to earn, the good fortune to have a column. Blogs fill that need for sure.

    Poe for all his brilliance, ended up dead in the gutter on a Baltimore street. And sadly, never got to see Ripken or an NFL team named after his legendary poem. He’s a guy Robert Downey Jr. should portray in a bio-pic.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    Re Mr. Poe, hoo’s room at the exalted U of VA is still preserved as is, concerning his death in a gutter:

    “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very, very brightly,” Mr Poe.

  3. Dr Paisley said...

    A very interesting quote indeed; too bad Sullivan couldn’t do enough research to spell Edgar Allan Poe’s name correctly.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    D’oh! And I did the same thing of course.

    Kind of cuts against that whole “we don’t need no stinkin’ editors” thing, eh?

  5. Juke Early said...

    My mention of EAP’s death was a lament not a criticism. An obvious genius, he was cursed with morbid luck one too many times. I believe the above quoted line was in tribute to his young, albeit much too soon, dead wife.

    As for me ” I’m just a Poe boy, from a Poe family. . ..”

    Weblogs are good fun, ain’t they!

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