Porcello in, Robertson out?

The Tigers have handed the fifth starter’s job to Rick Porcello:

The Tigers told rookie right-handed pitcher Rick Porcello on Wednesday that he has earned a spot in the starting rotation. The news follows an impressive outing Tuesday by Porcello, 20, who allowed two hits over five innings in a 7-2 loss to Washington.

By my reckoning, that makes a rotation of Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson, Armando Gallaraga, Porcello and hmmm. Zach Miner? Nate Robertson? If it’s not Robertson — and we’re really talking about choices among some really bad options here — do the Tigers have the guts to cut another guy owed multiple millions, or do they keep him around? I’d have to guess they hold on to him because you never know when someone’s arm is going to fall off, but wouldn’t it be something if the Tigers dumped two guys owed a collective $31 million in the space of a few days?

UPDATE: Looks like that question has been answered.

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  1. Ron said...

    All right handed rotation to start the season.
    Verlander, Jackson, Galarraga, Miner, and Porcello. Robertson is in the bullpen, with Rincon, Seay, Lyon, Rodney, Bonine, and Perry.
    If Nate can’t be effective in relief, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them release him too. His contract is about 7 Mill per year, half of Sheffields’. As for when Bonderman and Zumaya return fully healthy, whoever is not pitching well will get sent down, that includes Porcello and Perry.

  2. Ron said...

    Perry will start as a setup guy with Rincon and Lyon. Depending on how Rodney/Lyon do while closing, and how successful Perry is would determine if and when Perry would close. Just read in the freep Leyland says, that Rodney is opening day closer. Yikes.

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