Posada’s shoulder

Summer 2007: Posada kicks butt

Fall 2007: Posada signs gigantic contract

2008-onward: Posada breaks down:

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada said the new soreness in his surgically repaired right shoulder was nothing to worry about.

But there was enough concern within the Yankees’ medical staff for Manager Joe Girardi to scratch Posada from the lineup for Saturday’s exhibition game against the Minnesota Twins at Steinbrenner Field and rest him until further notice.

“I guess it’s good that it’s now than later,” Posada said. “Take two or three days, just get the strength back.”

Girardi described Posada’s shoulder as “a little, little, little sore.”

“Minuscule weakness,” he added. “He wanted to play. We said: ‘You’re not playing. It’s too early in the process.’ He’s on the watch list. We want to get that little irritation out of there.”

Rare is the major injury that doesn’t start out as “a little soreness” or “a little tightness” in media reports. Likewise rare is the contract that turns out as poorly as Posada’s is looking like it is likely to.

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  1. scot said...

    It’s funny that you mentioned the Mets. My first thought when reading this, as a Phillies fan, was a wish to go back in time and have had the Mets outbid the Yanks for Posada’s services, last winter.

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    Jorge – enjoy your role as DH. 

    Actually if you embrace the role of DH you could do some real damage in the lineup – so as a Sox fan please try to catch lots of games.

  3. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Though Posada is crushing the ball at the plate thus far this spring.  soreness, after surgery, is common, possibly just scar tissue.  Could be something more serious, but I’d be more afraid if I were the Mets with Johan than I am with Posada.

    and remember, it’s only a bad contract if you can’t afford it.  smile

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