POTUS baseball factoids

We already had one presidential post, so why not another?

Yesterday Newsday had a nice rundown of the highlights of presidential baseball trivia. My favorite tidbit: Grace Coolidge — Calvin’s First Lady — kept her own scorebook.

If paintings are any guide, she was quite a looker too. If I had been born 100 years earlier, I would have married that woman.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    Forgive the delayed inspiration as I should have responded in the spirit of the piece – let’s hope First Lady Shyster doesn’t read the blog.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Ah, she wouldn’t mind. Heck she would probably want to trade spouses with the Coolidges.  Calvin was more successful than I’ll ever be, and his nickname—Silent Cal—suggests that he’d at least shut up once in a while, which is something I’m sure Mrs. Shyster would appreciate in her spouse for a change.

  3. lar said...

    That’s a good find, Craig. Mrs. Coolidge was definitely a catch, in more ways than one.

    I’m not complaining, though. My girlfriend enjoys keeping score, too, and will always pick up my pencil for me when I go to get some more beers or something. There’s not much more that you can ask for in a woman, I say…

  4. Chuck said...

    That’s probably an overly flattering picture of her.  The tipoffs are the distance from which the picture was painted, and the general blurriness around the face giving the effect of Vaseline on a camera lens.

    Here is a head shot of the former First Lady:

    http://library.thinkquest.org/TQ0312172/grace coolidge.jpg

    Not a total ugmo, but not such a looker, either.

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