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I know I’ve been doing this a lot lately but I swear, on the lives of my children, that this will be the last day I punt for a while. But punt I must. This morning my daughter is graduating from preschool and I simply wouldn’t miss that, even if it is weird that schools have decided to hold graduations for five year-old kids who haven’t even gotten to the gnarly part of their education yet. When that’s over I’ve got hella legal work facing me, and I simply can’t miss that, even if the substance of it is even sillier and more meaningless than a preschool graduation.

Besides, you’ll get much better entertainment by simply watching the lowlights from last night’s Mets game anyway. And if that’s not up your alley, go outside and play or something. It’s going to be a beautiful day most places today.


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  1. dtro said...

    At my 5th grade graduation we sang “I Sing the Body Electric” like in Fame. So don’t you tell me these things are silly or inconsequential.

  2. hermitfool said...

    Last night our 14 year old daughter admitted to a long held grudge because her older brother went through an elaborate pre-school graduation ceremony, complete with caps and gowns, while all she got a stupid hand shake and a cheap certificate.

    You just never know what a kid will think significant.

    You made the correct decision, hoss.

  3. Daniel said...

    Really, Craig?  “Hella”?  Is that what it’s come to?

    Congrats to your daughter, though.  Just don’t let her party too much on preschool grad night.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Yeah, I’m not proud of that “hella.”  Just came out. I was under a lot of stress this morning.  Let’s just pretend that “hella” was a knowing wink to the South Park episode in which Cartman can’t stop saying “hella.”  It wasn’t, but let’s pretend it was.

  5. lar said...

    I was going to say something about that “hella” too, but it slipped my mind. I’m glad somebody pointed it out. Unless you’re from northern California, you have no business using that word (and, even if you are from “Nor-Cal”, as they call it, you still have no business saying it)…

    Speaking of northern California, Craig: has Fat Tire recently found it’s way into Ohio? Because, as of last week, I’m seeing it everywhere over here (though the stores only seem to ~40 oz bottles). I know you’re a fan…

  6. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Not sure, Lar.  I haven’t seen it anywhere around here, but then again, it’s rare for me to do the shopping in our house.  I drinks what the old lady buys.  Thankfully, she usually buys decent stuff.

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