Programming Note

Sorry, but once again the legal world is dominating my day. I wish I could say today will be the last day of this, but tomorrow looks pretty ugly too. There are some CTB posts up (drafted early this morning before the law got hold of me), but that’s likely it for the day.

There will certainly be an “ATH” post tomorrow morning, but I can’t make any other promises.

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  1. dtro said...

    It’s kind of astounding that you post on two sites and have a real job, when I only have on job and don’t even work that hard at that one.

  2. The Rabbit said...

    Re:  Today’s Post on Alex Gordon and Moore
    Dayton Moore thinks he needs 13 pitchers on staff.  Hmmmm….Maybe the MLB needs to find 6 tool athletes and they could have 25 pitchers on staff.
    Managers could bring someone in from any position to pitch to any batter within the rules that already permit it.  I’ll just Twitter LaRussa and ask him to run it through his puter.  With his use of situational matchups or waiting for someone like Papelbon to throw a pitch, it probably wouldn’t extend the game.
    BTW: I think of the Royals bullpen (Bale, in particular) and Chris Jakubauskas of the Mariners as the “Forrest Gump” pitchers.  You never know what you’re going to get, but you could almost bet it’s going to be the icky coconut and not the buttercream.
    @ Wooden
    LOL Thanks for the travel update.  I was actually planning to be in Columbus tomorrow night enroute to a trip to Philly.  As a single female on a motorcycle, I’m always happy to know where to find the most action.

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