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For what seems like the umpteenth time in the past two weeks old lady law is whuppin’ my behind again today. Government work wasn’t supposed to be like this, but whaddaya gonna do?

Unlike other recent awful days, however, I expect that I will actually have some posts up later today, so do check back. In the meantime, maybe someone can help me understand why I take so much joy in tweaking the Pete Rose apologists.

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  1. MJ said...

    This probably seems like the right place to ask this, but apparently the full 9th Circuit Court ruled that the Feds were wrong in seizing the full list held by the MLBPA.

    What happens now?  I won’t try to embarass myself with my ignorance of the law, so I’ll let you professionals handle it smile

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Just put a post up about it, MJ.  I would guess that all copies of the list would now have to be destroyed.  Whether that means anything now that they’re out and being leaked all the time, I have no idea.

  3. Jack Marshall said...

    I have to say, Craig, that the comments on the NBC site are too moronic, too often, to make for pleasant reading or rational participation. Good for you, though, for not putting up with the pro-Rose crowd. Baseball, quite reasonably given the catastrophe of 1919, decreed that gambling on baseball by team personnel threatened the integrity of the game and the public’s regard, and would lead to shunning and banishment for any individual who engaged in it. Rose knew this, and did it anyway. He threatened the existence of the game according to the game’s own judgement, and violated the rules with a full understanding of what the consequences would be. If Rose the Player could be somehow separated from Rose the Manager, like in that Star Trek episode, I’d love to see the Player in the Hall. But Rose is Rose, and he’s getting the fate he deserves. How steroid-users are or are not punished has absolutely nothing to do with that.

  4. christopher said...

    I don’t know all that much about the Dowd report, but is it known that Rose didn’t gamble on baseball as a player?  The pro-Rose crowd seems awfully comfortable claiming no-talent Manny or A-rod have been juicing their whole life, but are adamant that Rose only started gambling on baseball when he started managing.

  5. Chipmaker said...

    The Dowd Report includes circumstantial descriptions of Rose placing bets on his own Reds games while still a player, in 1985-86, but this is not substantiated like his 1987 betting is. There are also allegations (not in the Dowd Report) that Rose’s internal betting goes waaaay back into his playing career.

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