Programming Note

When I started writing ShysterBall in the spring of 2007, the idea was to give myself a place to be where I could escape the stress and unpleasantness of my legal career, if only for the briefest of moments. As time went on, it began to consume more and more of my waking hours and, in all honesty, interfering pretty significantly with that legal career. No, I never dropped the ball on a case, but it has been a struggle. I mean really, how is someone supposed to prepare for an oral argument when Roger Clemens is testifying before Congress? I’d like to say that I eventually managed to find balance with all of this, but that would be a lie. My life hasn’t been in balance since at least 2006. Maybe earlier. Something has to be done. So I’m doing it:

I’m quitting the law. Starting November 30th I will be writing about baseball full time for NBC

Obviously this wasn’t a unilateral decision on my part. NBC has decided that they want me all-in on Circling the Bases, and that’s not the kind of thing you have to ask me twice. The people over there have been fantastic to me since I started moonlighting back in April. They’ve never censored a word I’ve written. They’ve never declared a topic off-limits. Their instructions to me when I started were to make some f*cking noise, and they’ve allowed me to do that non-stop since. When they asked me to do it full time, it was a complete no-brainer. I don’t yet know how it’s going to all work out — the enormity of this is just starting to sink in — but to say I’m excited would be something of an understatement.

Q: But Craig! Where am I going to go for my daily ATH fix come April?!

A: Right here. Well, to THT at least, because NBC has been good enough to allow me to keep doing ATH and posting it at The Hardball Times (see above about NBC being totally cool). It likely won’t be in ShysterBall, because the ShysterBall name is going to go into mothballs. Right now the smart money is on it appearing as a daily post at THT Live, but we’ll give you lots of advanced notice once the good Mr. Studeman and I figure it out. The upshot, though, is that everyone involved realizes just how valuable an outlet and how outstanding the readership and community is at THT, and no one wants to mess with a good thing. Day-to-day blogging will be at NBC, but ATH will continue to appear at The Hardball Times.

Q: But Craig! How can you subject yourself to the kind of abuse you get from the commenters over there every day?

A: I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. I’ve also noticed a slight uptick in commenter quality as time has gone on. I credit many of you for that, as I have been seeing a lot of familiar commenting handles migrate over to NBC as the year has progressed. I hope that continues. And I’m sure that it can. None of you are the type who can’t handle more baseball in your lives, so I’m sure you can make a point to be good boys and girls and read your THT, and then come over to NBC to see what I’m up to.

Q: So, like, what does this all mean for you?

A: I don’t know. No shaving. Pants optional. Walking kids to the bus stop. Cheaper coffee. More time to go to the gym. Occasional cushion forts in the living room. I’m sure it’s going to be an adjustment process. I’ll ask Neyer what he does with his days.

OK, enough self-indulgent crap, we have almost a month to get all of that in. In the meantime, let me offer some thanks to some people.

  • Thanks Repoz, because without your generous links, no one starts reading ShysterBall in the first place;
  • Thanks Rob, because without your generous links, no one starts reading ShysterBall in anything approaching significant numbers. If I had a dime for every time someone has said “I found this blog via Neyer . . .” well, I’d have a shitload of dimes. Oh, it’s also worth noting that I’m not even writing a word about baseball without your inspiration;
  • Thanks Studes for taking the chance on me and making me a part of the THT family. The sketchy, ne’er-do-well cousin of that family to be sure, but a great family all the same. It took a lot to give my ramblings a sheen of respectability, but THT did the job;
  • Thanks Aaron Gleeman and Matthew Pouliot for suggesting me to the NBC brass when you were getting CTB off the ground last spring. Before then, the only thing NBC knew about me came via the copious amount of Markie Post fanmail I’ve sent in over the years, and the attendant restraining order hearings. It was nice to be able to make a second impression;
  • Thanks Jason, and Ron and Josh and Josh (the other one) and Jay and Sara and Mark and Scott and lar and Mike and Tim and Keith and Joe and every other member of the bloggy neighborhood who has linked to and been linked by ShysterBall, all of which has added immensely to the quality of the proceedings; and finally;
  • Thanks ShysterBall readers of both the commenting and the lurking persuasion. I could bring more bloggy noise than anyone, but it’s worthless if there’s no one there to read it. I’m not the statcounter obsessive I used to be, but whenever I’ve lost the will to write, I’ve checked in to look at the numbers. When I see people who have way better things to do with their lives click and click and click like you’ve been doing for so damn long, I’m reinvigorated.

    And away we go . . .

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    1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

      Because you mentioned it, I have to share my Craig-related story:

      Back in November of 2007, Neyer was having an online chat when someone asked him what non-mainstream blogs he read.  He listed Shysterball.  As Craig’s link above notes, I wasn’t the only one to discover Craig that way.

      I emailed Craig to let him know that I liked his site and to pester him about holding down a job while blogging.  I had developed a pretty serious itch to launch my own blog and this was my tipping point.  He answered every email, being as helpful to a total stranger as he would to a lifelong friend, I suppose.

      A month later, I went live.  Like most new blogs, double digit visits were the norm in the first early days.  Then came triple digits.  Then came the first Shysterball link and soon after that, quadruple digits.  Wow.

      I had to ask Craig how to hyperlink, for Pete’s sake!  I mean, if that’s not as basic a thing as there is… yet he took the time to answer every question as my technical skills began to develop.

      Since late 2007, Craig and I have emailed hundreds of times, sometimes about nothing special, sometimes to feed each other stories, sometimes to share life’s moments, both good and bad.  It’s odd to consider someone I’ve never met a good friend, but Craig’s become one.

      Craig, in 2008, was linking to my Josh Hamilton/Matt Sosnick articles & interviews and that eventually resulted in my first Neyer/ESPN link.  I have that and every other Neyer/ESPN posting up on my office wall at work.  It’s out of sight for most, but not for me.

      And in an odd twist of fate, showing how Karma works, Rob Neyer selected my blog to be the Yankees representative for his new SweetSpot blog in his network for the 2009 post-season.  In November of 2007, I would have done a backflip just to get Rob’s attention in a chat and now, I’m working with him daily.  Craig’s at least partially responsible for this.

      The commenters here are as good as anywhere I have seen online.  Sure we have our slap-fights and pissy bickering, but overall, this is a great group of loyal and smart readers.  There’s no doubt we’ll all follow you to NBC. 

      Thank you, Craig.  And again, mazel.

    2. sirsean said...


      Now I just have three wishes:

      1) Use some sort of identifier in your column titles at CTB so I know which columns are yours.
      2) Get them to include the full article text in my RSS reader so I don’t have to click through and get served a bunch of Flash ads.
      3) Get them to make the CTB website to work (well) on iPhones.

      Also, in case I didn’t mention it, congratulations.

    3. Eric Solomon said...

      Kudos, Craig.  I am insanely jealous, but it is well-deserved on your part.  And great news for us (your readers).  Keep up the good work.

    4. The Common Man said...

      Count me among those who found you via Rob’s keen recommendations, Craig.  This couldn’t happen to a better guy and I wish you and your family all the best.  Will Mrs. Shyster be able to handle the unprecedented level of baseball-centricness in the Shyster house?  Because it’s been a struggle to convince my wife that I should get to keep watching baseball even after the Twins have been eliminated.

    5. MooseinOhio said...

      Incredibly great new … one less lawyer in the world. 

      Seriously, big congrats on the new gig as it appears you have not only found your true calling but it has found you. 

      Next time I’m in Columbus I’m taking you out for a feast at the Chef-o-nette.

    6. lar said...

      Wow, many congrats, Craig! That’s some big and exciting news!

      When I saw the first few words on the post, I started to get a little bummed because I thought you were going to say that the state lawyering job just wasn’t leaving you enough time to blog anymore and that you would have to retire the site. I’m dang glad I was wrong.

      So now you get to buy your MLB Extra Innings package. How excited are you for that? And just how long did it take you to get there? 2.5 years? Not too shabby.

    7. Detroit Michael said...

      Congratulations, Craig.  Although, you know, you might want to keep paying those bar association dues for awhile just to keep your options open!

    8. Zach Sanders said...

      Just goes to show that great content gets noticed, eventually.

      Congrats, Craig! I look forward to seeing more of you at CTB.

      I was one of the few who didn’t find Craig from Neyer. I didn’t find this blog until after he moved to THT, but have read everything from Shysterball in my RSS reader since. Better late than never, right?

    9. Jack Marshall said...

      Congratulations, sir. Thanks for showing that if you follow your passion and do so with skill,determination, humility, humor and integrity,you can indeed make a living doing what you love…and then, of course, it isn’t work an more. I’m so happy for you, and wish you all the success imaginable. And you’ll have it, too.

    10. Dan Friedman said...

      Many congratulations, sir!  I only started reading recently, but I’ve been constantly and consistently delighted, and it’s heart-warming to see a good, smart guy get rewarded for once.

    11. Alex said...

      as an employee of a law firm, I can safely say, Craig, that you are living the dream of 9 out of 10 lawyers: reaching the day when you don’t have to be a lawyer anymore. Congrats.

    12. Kevin Tooke said...

      Congrats Craig!  Finally a programming note that didn’t depress the rest of my day! 

      Seriously, awesome.  Can’t wait to see what this brings.

    13. TC said...



      Congrats, really.  I found ShysterBall in summer 2007.  You had killed a Sarah Schorno post on HuffPo, and I was e-friendly with Schorno and the Epic Carnival crew at that time, and so someone shot me the link to your post, so I could share their outrage.  I followed, read, and found myself agreeing with you.  And so, I stuck around, and you have become one of my very favorite authors, right beside Posnanski among baseball writers. 

      Part of me will miss the familiarity that comes with your modest readership.  I comment occasionally, and still recognize the handles of virtually every commenter.  I don’t know how possible that will be when a popular post gets triple digit comments instead of 40. 

      That said, it’s a small concession that I am happy to make to allow you to be a full-time writer.  I’m super happy for you.  A variety of blessings.


    14. Beanster said...

      Congratulations CC!!  You do a great job each and every day, and the full-time gig is well-deserved.  I’m glad our daily ATH fix will live on, and wish you all the best in your post-legal life!

    15. Patrick said...

      Craig!  Congratulations!  That’s wonderful, super great news.

      I’ll miss Shysterball, though – The absence of accompanying photos makes it easy to read at work!  Circling the Bases is much harder.  Oh well…

      Good stuff.  Great stuff, in fact.

      Congratulations, Craig!

    16. cosmic charlie said...

      Holy Cow!  My heart also sank as I read the beginning of what I thought was goodbye.  But instead, I think you just became my personal hero.

    17. Jeff said...

      Congratulations!  I’m one of the many that read the start and said, “oh ####, what the hell am I gonna do now without Shyster.”  Incredibly exciting news!  Best of luck!

    18. Pete Toms said...

      What’s the expression?  Have the conviction of your dreams.?  Craig told me once that he believed the internet to be the last meritocracy.  Perhaps he has proven that.

      I date back to “classic Shyster” pre THT.  I abandoned my baseball blog in part because it was so AWFUL in comparison to his, (plus, NOBODY read it) but I always enjoyed Shysterball immensely and he has been supportive and helpful in my efforts elsewhere on the net.

      I’m kinda sad that Shysterball is ending, it was cozy and clubby.  I never got in the habit of reading CTB @ NBC but I guess I will.  I can’t leave the flock.

      Congrats Craig, you deserve it.  You’re smart, funny, humble and you worked your a** off,

    19. MatthewA said...

      So Craig fought the law. Now Craig won. Wait, that’s not how it goes…

      Congrats, Craig. Bonne chance on the full time gig!

    20. Andy L said...

      But wait, I don’t understand.  I thought you were “the worst writer” and “why does NBC let you keep writing this drivel?”

      I fucking love you, man.  I knew you when.

    21. Greg Simons said...

      Craig, you’re like the curly, New Wave redheaded guy in “Say Anything” when he’s talking to Lloyd Dobler about dating Diane Court.  You give us hope.

      Way to go, Craig.  Congrats!!

    22. Hugh Lippincott said...

      Not sure if I’ve ever posted a comment, but I’ve been reading since those first Neyer links. Congratulations, Craig (assuming I can call you by your first name), and good luck.

    23. Chipmaker said...

      But what will we call ShysterBoy now? So many unintended consequences….

      What a year. Posnanski gets a seat with SI, and you’re hooking up with NBC full time. Now if only Mauer wins the AL MVP, we’ll have hit the trifecta!

      Sincerest congratulations, Craig.

      When NBC asks you to sit for an official portrait, consider actually doing the unkempt hair, five o’clock shadow, and tattered bathrobe look.

    24. JBerardi said...

      Be honest, Craig. You’re just doing this to spite the legions of Yankee fans who told you to “get a real job” or whatever over at NBC…

      Seriously, congratulations. God knows we have more than enough baseball bloggers in the world, but Shyster has always a been smart, funny, and most importantly unique voice in the crowd. You absolutely deserve to be doing this full-time.

    25. James said...

      As a fellow Markie Post fan, congratulations. What amazing, wonderful news!

      PS I’d love if things stayed under the “Shysterball” moniker here, if only for RSS feed purposes… If you want to get rid of the name, perhaps consider keeping it active “under the hood”, so to speak?

    26. Aaron Moreno said...

      Congrats. I hope to someday become a lawyer and then stop being a lawyer.

      So, does this mean your gov’t gig is open now?

    27. YankeesfanLen said...

      Ain’t it cool- Gonna have to dig up some old Letterman GE bits for your first (fully-paid) day.

      I happened upon ShysterBall in a I guess a silly way, judging by other’s remarks.  Was setting up My Yahoo page and ventured far enough to pick out a bunch of feeds (BBTF, Ballbug, THT, NBC MLB) then found your stuff on the right column, now go there everyday first.

      Believe it or not, with the season ending tomorrow night, was going to suggest a round robin post where we faithful commenters could kind of have a company picnic before the admittedly less than exciting Hot Stove Season. Some of the best ShysterBall came those afternoons when we’d go off on movies, music, corned beef sandwiches, ad infinitum (nauseum).

      But……onward and upward, Craig.  The quality of your work has made it through the crowd. Kudos to your work, past, present, and future.(Gives secret handshake)

    28. Craig Calcaterra said...

      They get a personal thanks, Joyce. Although it’s going to be hard. For the past three years I’ve been telling the old man that I made partner at the old firm.

      Thanks for all of the kinds words everyone—I’ve been overwhelmed with emails and comments and everything else this afternoon. Aplogies if I don’t keep up, but you all know how I feel.

    29. Doracle said...

      I’m really happy for you, Craig.  I’ve been (mostly) lurking for the past two seasons, and it’s been incredibly satisfying watching you hollow out this niche for yourself and grow as a writer.  I’m also happy for myself, of course, because this means more content for me to read.

      So all in all, congratulations!


    30. Sara K said...


      Despite my English majoriness, I cannot summon words to adequately express the degree to which you deserve this and the degree to which I am thrilled for you. Brave that valley, my friend. No one blogger is better suited for the task of bringing snarky light to the CW-addled darkness.  :D

    31. Paul McC said...

      Well done! As has already been said, you have achieved most lawyer’s ambitions – to stop being one!

      As I sit on the bus here in Scotland on the way to the office in the morning, I always get excited to see you having done a new post overnight – a far more fun way of keeping up with the baseball world than reading all the game reports oneself.

      Where else can you get Star Wars, Hitch Hiker’s Guide, Monty Python and the glorious game of baseball, with a sprinkling of law thrown in?

      Of course, the full time gig is really going to get the NBC commenters going, as, within a week, you will be accused of hating every team there is, including the minor league ones!

      Just promise us at least one Cap’n Jetes post a week – those threads are priceless.

      Well done – and I say that with the greatest of respect!

    32. Andy H said...

      Congrats Craig.  I’ve been lurking and reading your baseball thoughts since they were making jokes about your wife at baseball primer.  It’s been obvious you’ve wanted this for a while and I am glad for you that you made it.

    33. Chris Simonds said...

      Holy crap! That is great! Congratulations! We will follow you anywhere Craig, even unto the bowels of the Mainstream Media.

    34. Brian said...


      Great news.  The next time I’m filling in on radio in Champaign, I’ll be thrilled to introduce you as a full-time blogger with  Outstanding work.

    35. The Rabbit said...

      Mazel Tov!
      I consider you the best baseball writer I have ever read (not hyperbole) and am thrilled that you have the opportunity to do it full time without me becoming your patron after I hit the lottery.
      As I’ve said in the past, Shysterball is my only RSS feed and I shall miss it. There are posts/threads here that I doubt would be understood at the Blue Network. As PaulMcC said: “Where else can you get Star Wars, Hitch Hiker’s Guide, Monty Python and the glorious game of baseball, with a sprinkling of law thrown in?” I hope you can find a way to continue to share some of your thoughts outside of CTB.
      I wish for your continued success.

    36. CreepyAnon said...

      As a full-fledged lurker I’m risking some serious guff next time I show my face at one of our clandestine meetings, but I figure this is as good a reason as any to commit lurker sin #1.

      Congrats, Craig.

      No back to my creepy vantage point in the tree just outside your blog.

    37. Richard in Dallas said...

      CONGRATULATIONS!!  I am extremely happy for you, and I am extremely jealous!  The only downside to this is that the percentage of lawyers who are tolerable as human beings just dropped by a HUGE percentage (probably double digits).  I kn ow I haven’t commented much lately, but I have always kept my finger on your baseball pulse, and will continue to do so.
      Good luck with the transition to bliss!

    38. Jeff Polman said...


      Calvin J. Butterworth and Vinny Spanelli both congratulate you, as do I.  When you gave my wacky blog a shout-out, you inspired me to make it even wackier.  And I’m sure all Yankee fans everywhere are rejoicing at this news.

    39. John Willumsen said...

      Good luck, Craig. You’re one of the good guys, and how often do we get to say that the good have gotten the reward they deserve? I hope it goes great for you.

    40. smsetnor said...

      Congrats, man!  I’m excited for you.  I’ve had a blast reading your stuff every day while my fiance stares at me in anger while I ignore such things as dishes, laundry and preventing the dogs from peeing in the house by taking them outside.

      Long live Shysterball (in any name)!

    41. BCBarney said...

      Yet another one of the lurking persuasion here.  I didn’t find you until you moved to THT and I very much regret not finding you sooner.  You’ve been one of the few blogs that I check multiple times a day to see anything new.  I loved your unique take and view on things.  It always kept me thinking.  You’ve always been a baseball fan like the rest of us.  From the stories so far and the fact that you promoted Eric’s blog, I could tell that you were always willing to lend a hand.

      Congrats on the new gig!  Looks like I’ll be spending more time over at NBC.  Best of luck!

    42. Kate.D.S said...

      Big congrats from a longtime reader and lurker. 

      And whatever misgivings your wife may have at your impending pantslessness will no doubt be alleviated by the noticeable uptick in your happiness. smile

    43. Nico said...

      I have to admit I got used to the around-work scheduling of this blog, and the fact that it was written by someone working in the non-virtual world had a certain appeal. That said, I can dig why you’d jump at it. Just keep the self-deprecating lawyer jokes in, because I like them.

    44. YankeesfanLen said...

      Upon further consideration, and while reading the congratulatory notices here for your achievement, it came to me that the Blue Network deserves some credit here as well.
      So here’s the deal- NBC is in a highly competitive emerging market for “eye” to boost advertising in a venue they’re not predisposed to- internet blogging.  Why wouldn’t the audience go to SI or (sigh) ESPN sites instead?  They need someone above the field of play, so there came this summer’s test, which you passed with flying colors due to your unique ability to churn things up on a different level.  And they can measure hits, but little else, and you get them, along with the obvious ability to play well with others on the corporate landscape.
      So, congrats to the weasels at GE as well.  As for Yankee-baiting, I’ve been a fan long enough to not let criticism of the Greatest Champions In All Of Sports too long to let that piss me off.
      Still Yankees in 6 because the Big Toad was in there.

    45. ecp said...

      I haven’t read all 90 comments, so I may be merely repeating what others have said, but I must echo all the same:  The law’s loss is our gain.

      And you have now safely extricated yourself from the “first, kill all the lawyers” maxim.

    46. Carroll said...

      Clearly I’m late to this party but I’d like to be one more voice of congratulations.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy for someone I don’t really know.

      As an additional perk, if my memory serves, you had a deal with your wife that you could only get the Extra Innings cable package if you were writing baseball full-time.  So, double congrats.

    47. Dberg said...

      Congrats Craig!  I’m so excited for you that I went and woke up my wife to tell her the news.  She’s never read a word that you’ve written but she’s happy for you nonetheless.

      I discovered Shysterball in the fall of 2007 via Mike McClary’s Daily Fungo podcast.  I enjoyed the interview you gave, and have been a loyal reader (but infrequent commenter) ever since.  Keep the Yankee-baiting comin’!

    48. Loren said...

      I don’t have anything new to say, but I have a need to pile on. Thank you for writing and providing thoughtful an entertaining insights all these years. And thanks especially for your wonderful interactions with all your readers that really help keep the discussions flowing in the comments. I can’t imagine how much time that must take or how you could have managed a day job and a family at the same time, but you’ve managed to create a better rapport with your readers thn any other blog I visit.
      I will miss having the “thoughtful” comments section at THT though.

    49. Ahmet Hamdi Cavusoglu said...

      I just had to sit up and yell ‘what!’ at the turn of phrase … I was afraid you were leaving at first (with good reason). That’s excellent for us to hear, Craig!

      It’s been a pleasure and good luck with continuing on the baseball commentary. We all wait anxiously for you to continue between here and NBC.

      And why not keep up the ShysterBall tag as a brand?

    50. Jason @ IIATMS said...

      And just for clarity, even as a Yanks fan, I love and enjoy the Yankee baiting.  If you can’t laugh at some of the lunkheads in your own fanbase, who can you laugh at anyways?

      What’s more fun: baiting crazy, loyal fanbases (Boston, NY, Philly, etc.) or fading, quiet ones (you know who, especially you Ron)?

      So continue to bring it, all in the name of fun and pageviews.

    51. bigcatasroma said...

      Congrats, Craig.  Echoing Dan in Philly, I’m extremely jealous as well.  I’ll see you on the other side . . .

    52. Mark said...


      As one that continued to go to the old Shyster site and then click through to THT for at least a month after you moved I guess I’ll have to get a handle on how CTB works.  I only went there through the links on your Morning in Exile posts.  Is there any way to get a list of all of Craig’s articles over there separate from the full CTB lineup?

    53. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Mark—if you go here:

      You get the main blog page. Find an article I wrote (right now mine is on top, but it will change within the next half our or so). Click my name under the headline, and you should get an index of all my stuff.

    54. Motherscratcher said...

      Congrats Craig!  Fantastic news.

      But I’ve always thought:  You’re young and you have your health…what do you want with a job anyway?

      HOTROD will be thrilled (I love that idiot).

    55. MJ said...

      But but but, I’ve spent all this time defending you at CTB since you weren’t a sportswriter, and now you’ve gone and joined the establishment :(

      Hearty congrats to you.  I’m another who found you via Neyer’s link.  It’s been an extremely entertaining read this year, and I look forward to more at CTB.

      (aka Church of the Perpetually Outraged)

    56. mgflolox said...

      Well, I guess Andy McCluskey (of OMD fame[?])can’t ask you what it’s like to have a real job anymore.
      Congratulations, and stay classy.

    57. kardo said...

      Good going there Craig.

      Maybe on top of ATH you can keep doing a “My Morning in Exile” (although it’ll be a day in exile now) on THT Live, just to make sure we don’t forget.

    58. Steve said...

      Many congratulations Craig.

      Much like an earlier commenter, when I started reading I was worried you were quitting baseball writing, so this news was a fantastic surprise.

      I look forward to all that is to come. I’m far, far from a baseball expert, being a British guy fairly new to the game, and your writing has certainly helped guide me and teach me more about how fun baseball can be. I would have been lost without ATH this season. Thank you!

    59. Chris in Dallas said...

      Woah.  This is pretty freaking sweet news for you, Craig.  Though I only comment rarely down here, I click on over to your blog(s) several times a day for your insight and snark.  Keep up the great work, and don’t sell out now that you’re a big shot!

    60. bon said...

      As one of the aforementioned lurkers, I’d just like to say how much I’ve enjoyed Shysterball over the last season.  It’s been a wonderfully glib counterbalance to the heavy statistical analysis that comprises the rest of The Hardball Times, and I look forward to reading more of your material in the future.

      As far as your new gig at NBC goes, I can’t imagine what sort of product a whole day of nonstop trolling Yankees fans will yield, but I look forward to sifting through the flames.

    61. Bob S said...

      Let me get this straight…just a couple of weeks ago you got your first death threat and now you have an offer to write full-time? Typical blogger career arc. I’m very happy for you as you are a talented and interesting writer, and now that you’re full-time I hope to see more Shyster stuff each day. Which is good news for us all. Great news, best of luck.

    62. Mode said...

      In honor of the retirement of Shyster, I am retiring the “Theif and Lair” portion of my name.

      It’s funny, I read many blogs before I found yours.  And I didn’t comment much on any of them.  But the combination of a forum filled with level headed commentors and the fact that you pulled the right chains (see Jeter, D) and I became a regular commentor (whether that’s good or bad, others can decide, but it’s still your fault.)

      Congrats Craig.  I will be ready for your first post that defames those that need me most (see Jeter, D. and Rivera, M.)

    63. Eli said...

      Congrats Craig.

      Just promise us that you’ll keep baiting the Yankee fans (and the other irrational fanbases that are incredibly easy to agitate).  The Derek Jeter thief/liar was a post for the ages.  Thanks for all the hard work and effort you’ve put forth.  This couldn’t have happened to a better person.

    64. Mode said...

      Shoot, I forgot 2 other things I wanted to say:

      2. I know your gay cus my wife says you are!

    65. APBA Guy said...

      Welcome to the stay at home world, young man! But how will the State of Ohio manage without you in the barrister bullpen?

      Anyway, as one who found you via Neyer, and was with you from the old pre-THT days, I’m looking forward to being another nameless, faceless shrieker at NBC.

      Seriously, great news, congratulations!

    66. Jonathan said...

      Just wanted to say thanks and good luck. I was one of the many that found you through Mr. Neyer’s links. I look forward to redirecting my Google Reader subscription permanently to your new home at NBC.

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