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Sorry folks — the law has once again called me to duty, so I’m gonna have to maintain radio silence for a while. I had a big old Bronson Arroyo post in the works too, but it’ll have to wait. I suppose it can be summed up thusly: Bronson Arroyo has over-shared, and it’s more than likely going to bite him in the ass somehow. Feel free to discuss.

I may be back a bit later this afternoon, but I make no promises.


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  1. themarksmith said...

    Maybe it won’t bite him in the ass, but I imagine he got a needle there at some point. It might end up hurting him, but I think the jokes surrounding him using all those drugs and still sucking horribly are going to be worse.

    Then again, I imagine Selig will send in a spy to look at his drug bag and report back, probably resulting in a suspension and a loss of pay. Bright side for the Reds may be that they don’t have to pay him a couple million dollars.

  2. RP said...

    Maybe he over-shared, but other than the DUI comment, I’m not sure there’s anything he said that’s actually incorrect.  If people cared about performance enhancers for the sake of the health of the players, they’d feel the same way about other usage in other sports.  And if the owners or Selig cared about this beyond PR, thue issue would ahve been forced far sooner than it was.  And though he paints with too broad a brush in his line about DUI, he’s probably right about that as well.

    Overall, he’s a below-average pitcher now, but he gets credit for being a lot more honest than most of the folks in baseball, including the sanctimonious louts in the media (not Craig).

  3. Michael said...

    The difference between Arroyo’s rant and other rants is that his seems like it’s not out of anger or ignorance – he’s obviously thought about all this, to the point where he understands the calculated risks he’s taking himself, and the motivations of everyone from Uncle Bud to fans (yes, most of us DO cheer for the laundry) to the union, to parents, who give lip service to ballplayers as role models then pump their kids full of junk.

    And remember folks, not taking “approved substances” is not the same as taking “banned substances,” no matter how the media might choose to use weasel language like “CAN contain banned substances” or “have the POTENTIAL to trigger a positive test.” Like he said, he hasn’t failed a drug test yet. And they don’t put steroids in ginseng pills (unless they’re reeeeeally stupid).

    It mostly looks like Bronson is medicating the way the ballplayers did in the 60s and 70s. I don’t expect that to prevent a Rick Reilly rant, though.

  4. Brian in Topeka said...

    I find it highly unlikely that he was willing to take andro and anphetemines while they were not on the banned list, but he didn’t “knowingly take” any steroids before they were made officialy off limits.

  5. Sutton said...

    Until people start naming their suppliers and such, I guess I don’t care what Bronson Arroyo or anyone really has to say about steroids. He’s claiming he took OTC drugs; big deal. At this point, if someone used PEDs over 5 years ago, it doesn’t bother me.

  6. Daniel said...

    Who cares what he’s taking?  If it’s a banned substance, he should be suspended.  If not, he shouldn’t.  It doesn’t matter to me either way.  I’m just happy someone’s being honest and forthright for a change.

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