Pudge to Texas

Well, to Arlington. He was already in Texas:

Ivan Rodriguez is returning to the Rangers to be a backup catcher.

The Rangers completed a trade with the Houston Astros on Tuesday to reacquire the 14-time All-Star catcher for two players, according to multiple sources. The Astros will receive a Minor League player and a player to be named later.

Remember how the Rangers were gonna trade all that catching depth they had for some pitching last winter? Hey, nothing personal. I make a lot of plans that don’t pan out too.

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  1. Aarcraft said...

    You mean the Astros TRADED AWAY a mediocre player past his prime, instead of ACQUIRING a mediocre player past his prime. Good news. Good news.

  2. Richard in Dallas said...

    The good news here is that Teagarden will have a chance to get som reps and fix his offensive numbers.  Last season, when at bats were plentiful, there were many reports of balls that Tea hit landing in the stands without their covers.  As an infrequent sub for Salty, not so much…  In a sound bite from Pudge, he is happy to be here to contribute on the field, and to act as a mentor to the young catchers that the Rangers will have into the future.  Maybe, just maybe, we can help Pudge get himself one more ring before he rides off into the sunset.

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