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Via Whitlock, who continues to lay waste to Selena Roberts, comes a quote from Roberts herself from last night’s Jim Rome show which pretty much explains why I’ve been writing what I’ve been writing since last Thursday:

“You give people a litmus test, Jim . . . You say to them, you go back to them over and over again and you say, ‘Is it consistent what they’re saying to me? Have they changed at all? Do they have a credibility issue? Is there anything in their past that might make me wary of this person?’ “

If that’s the test, how can anyone presume that she’s shooting straight?

As I mentioned over at NBC this morning, I now have the book, and have started reading it. It’s not exactly a dense read, so it shouldn’t take too long. I should have my reactions to it up by Friday at the latest.

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  1. Anthony said...

    Well it’s clear “litmus test” was one of her talking points.  I wonder how many times it’s passed her lips so far this week.  I’ve heard her say it 4+ times, and I’m avoiding her as best I can.

  2. MJ said...

    love this quote

    The Times and SI can kiss my ass.Jayson Blair worked at The Times. Mike Price won a lawsuit against SI for the lies the magazine published about him. And years ago, an SI writer wrote a profile about me for the Columbia Journalism Review and, among other journalistic crimes, lifted a quote from an old column and passed it off as something I said to him.

    Never trust a publication. Hell, the more prestigious the publication, the more pressure there is for the writers to cut corners in pursuit of a good story.

    Place your trust in the writer. And Roberts’ reaction to the exoneration of the Duke lacrosse players calls into question her credibility. By refusing to acknowledge her mistakes in the Duke case, she creates the impression that her agenda trumps the truth.


  3. Holly Martins said...

    While I agree with some of your points about Roberts and the book, Whitlock is hardly the guy you want to be allying yourself with here, I think. On the radio the other day (per Deadspin) he went completely off the rails:


    “We’re being asked to trust someone who is hardcore feminist. To me she’s almost no different than Al Sharpton.” Huh?! It’s people like Whitlock who make me want to spring to Roberts’ defense, whether she deserves it or not…

    Anyway, you seem saner by several orders of magnitude than Whitlock, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading your thoughts after you’ve read the book.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Holly—Whitlock goes into greater detail about the Sharpton/Roberts parallel in the linked Fox Sports piece. I don’t know yet what I think of the analogy. On one level it makes some sense, on another it’s Whitlock being his usual bomb-throwing self. Nothing is ever easy with him.

    I’m not trying to ally myself with anyone, really. And you may be surprised to find that there are actually some things about Roberts’ book I like.  Which makes the much greater volume of things I don’t like very frustrating indeed.

  5. Lisa Swan/Subway Squawkers said...

    Given how much of “A-Rod” relies on the word of Jose Canseco, who has changed his story several times on A-Rod, Roberts’ “litmus test” is, well, interesting. Not to mention the controversy over Canseco and Clemens.

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