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“I don’t have hate for Philly exactly — they are like our redheaded stepchild. It’s like a nothing city. It’s just insignificant in comparison to New York.”

Michael Stewart, random Yankees fan quoted in an article that brings the Phillies’ hate like nothin’ you’re going to see today. I’m guessing that the Philly retort will come tomorrow, either in the form of a companion article in the Inquirer or via a mob hit or something.

A lot of us wanted to see at least one of the L.A. teams in this thing because of the contrast in styles and the weather and all of that. But really, it had to be New York-Philly to get this kind of trash talk going, and I for one am thrilled with it.

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  1. InnocentBystander said...

    The smack talk is and will continue to be pretty good. I actually prefer this quote if you click through to the article titled “Phanatic a pain in the mascot” (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/phanatic_pain_in_the_mascot_uLR853tvv8O0LG5pIDg4oO)

    “Mr. Met is even better than that—and Mr. Met is retarded”

    It is great anytime the Mets can get hit with some shrapnel!

    (Sorry in advance if this detours to a discussion about the word “retard”…http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/shysterball/article/rethinking-retarded/)

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    No worries, IB. “retarded” is a word I personally decided not to use going forward, but it’s not banned here or anything. And it’s certainly acceptable for quoting purposes.

  3. Aaron Moreno said...

    It’s times like this that I remember that I don’t give a **** about the northeast, with its tiny states and multiple accents and snow.

  4. Carlos said...

    Ah yes, in our New York Overlord’s eyes we are all nothing city’s. Now let us all bow and crow them champions of the universe.

  5. Chadillac said...

    Did anyone catch last Thursday’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?” The Phanatic whooped Green Man’s ass!

  6. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    All’s I can say is that this is what makes I-84 so appealing: You don’t have deal with either city.

  7. YankeesfanLen said...

    Lived in suburban Philly in ‘75 so attended Phillies games and came up to see the Yankees when possible.  Don’t know which venue was worse, not even counting droppings from the Phanatic or Mr. Met.
    Please, Craig, don’t go for a trifecta, you’ve already linked TMZ and the Post this afternoon. Don’t open the Enquirer and inform us that Donny Baseball is Walter Matthau’s illegitimate son.

  8. Zac said...

    I’ve enjoyed Philadelphia every time I’ve gone, but I can’t help but agree with Michael up there. Philly is sorta like New York…except less so in every conceivable way. There’s just no point to it existing.

  9. Michael - DC said...

    philliesws09 is a complete idiot.  Salary Cap?  Not making the playoffs?  The Philadelphia Public School System via philliesws09 Mother’s Basement ladies and gentleman!

  10. Dick Allen said...

    I’ve enjoyed Philadelphia every time I’ve gone, but I can’t help but agree with Michael up there. Philly is sorta like New York…except less so in every conceivable way.

    Umm, I grew up in Philadelphia, & have lived in New York for 16 years. Philly is nothing like New York. Oh, except that they’re both bigger than Trenton.  Seriously, wtf?

  11. Zac said...

    Dick Allen:

    As long as we’re “umm”ing “WTF”ing things, what does Trenton have to do with it?

    I don’t think I was able to get my point across accurately: although I certainly wouldn’t agree with you that “they’re nothing like one another,” as they’re both large cities in the Northeast, I didn’t mean to say that they’re identical or something. Philly can’t quite seem to decide if it wants to be a Metropolis, like New York, or a charming little city like Boston. Both of those places are at least dedicated to what makes them attractive destinations. Philly’s a weird middle child stuck in between – too big to be particularly charming, but not culturally significant enough to be a world city.

  12. George said...

    “not culturally significant”

    there’s a 1/4 mile radius around Independence Hall that has more American “cultural significance” than you’ll find in the entire rest of the country.

  13. Richard Dansky said...

    Ahh, Yankee Stadium, the only ballpark on earth where they roll out the TARP for the seats behind home plate instead of the tarp for the field when it rains. Where Kekich and Petersen will throw out each others’ first balls. Where they remembered to bring the rotting concrete over from the old Yankee Stadium but forgot to bring the seats. Where Suzyn Waldman cries herself to sleep every night, clutching an old Roger Clemens baseball card with one needle puncture in it.

    (How’s that for a start?)

  14. Jim C said...

    And dopes like the original poster wonder why so many people hate NYC and all of their sports teams, especially the Yankees. Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Microsoft. They have the most money, they always outspend everyone else, and except for a few classy guys, are mostly arrogant assholes. I’d root for Satan himself and the demons of hell against the Yankees. Go Phils!

  15. Kelly F. said...

    Speaking of Dutch: Yankee in an anglicized version of the Dutch word yanqui, which, in essence, means redneck, yokel, country bumpkin, etc.

  16. Simon DelMonte said...

    My current analogy is also Yankees=Microsoft.  Followed by Red Sox=Google: we thought Google and the Sox were different than the Yanks or Microsoft, but the longer we see them, the less we think this is true.  And the Mets are probably Yahoo, with a lot of money spent and not much to show for it.

    Not sure what the Phillies are.  But the Royals are Atari and the Pirates are Commodore.

  17. Vin said...

    As a Met fan, I’ve always felt the best retort to any Philly-fan trash-talking is “Yeah, but you have to live in Philadelphia.” Works for everything.

    “We won the World Series!”
    “Yeah, but you have to live in Philadelphia.”

    “You guys were a joke this year.”
    “True. But you still have to live in Philadelphia.”

    (I kid, I kid. The problem with trash talking is that some people take it WAAAY too seriously. I actually like Philadelphia. And I realize that my team is, right now, a colossal cosmic joke. But still. New York versus Philly? Come on!)

  18. Mark S. said...

    I for one love the utter ridiculosity of NY Post trash talk.  My favorite quote from the Post story: “Another Yankee fan, Laura Nidelle, 24, insists the Yuengling-slinging rubes from Philly are uncultured and uninteresting…”

  19. Kevin S. said...

    It might be heresy, but Yuengling is superior to Brooklyn Brewery.  Also, this:

    Surely all of us New Yorkers and all of the Philadelphians can find an end to this nonsense.  And work together to make fun of Chicago.

    reminded me of a Vikes-Bears game I was at a couple years back at Soldier.  We were sitting in the upper deck with a lot of Viking fans.  Instead of the inevitable back-and-forth abuse, the fans all came together for a rousing “PACKERS SUCK!” chant.  It was awesome.

  20. RP said...

    I like the Microsoft update to the old adage that said rooting for the Yankees was like rooting for U.S. Steel.  Me, I liken it to rooting for the Roman Empire.

    And my fellow Philadelphia fans will be happy if Ryan Howard and Co. act like the Visigoths.

  21. RP said...

    TC, I come from the school of thought that says we should revel in our rep, within reason.  Besides, the Visigoths got to sack Rome.

    As for the trashtalk… I sense more of it than normal coming from NYC and my many Yankee friends.  That might be wrong, but in previous championship chases, I always saw my fellow Philly fans leading the charge with trashtalk.  Perhaps that was a manifestation of our desperation for a title, or a subconscious manifestation of our realization that our team was inferior.  Maybe 9 years without a title for the Yankees breeds a little bit of doubt. 

    As for me, and for most Phillies fans, I’m feeling a serene confidence in this Phillies team. The fans have probably loved other recent Philly sports teams with nearly the same level of passion—the ‘93 Phils, the ‘00-01 Sixers, Jameer Nelson’s St. Joe’s team, the four guard Villanova group, etc. But this time, that adoration is accompanied by a sense of true confidence that we have the best team, no matter who’s on the other side of the diamond.  I’m just a little too young to remember anything about the Broad Street Bullies of 1974 and 1975, but that might be the last time people in Philly felt this way about a team.  And that was the last Philly team to repeat. Based on most measures, the Yankees are a better team.  But the same could have been said about the Dodgers.  At this point, I’ll take the WFC’s mix of talent, desire, and confidence against anybody.

    As for bringing everyone together, I think Phillies and Yankees fans could probably come together on a rousing chant of “Cowboys Suck!”

  22. TC said...

    RP: Visigoths will do nothing to help Philly’s barbarian reputation.  Batteries, indeed. 

    I will point out that Philly has a superior BYOB (out of necessity, since the liquor laws ‘round here are batshit crazy) and a better beer scene (between the local breweries and the sheer volume and quality of imports) than New York. 

    This said, I, like, many others, do like New York for it’s enormity and density and all that, but prefer the quirks of my own home for year-round time spent. 

    Oh, damn.  I’m not very good at this trash-talk thing, am I?

  23. Simon DelMonte said...

    Surely all of us New Yorkers and all of the Philadelphians can find an end to this nonsense.  And work together to make fun of Chicago.

  24. Zac said...

    Good job with the selective cutting and pasting there, George, but try as you might “not cuturally significant” and “but not culturally significant enough to be a world city” (which is what I actually said) are not the same thing. If you’re going to argue, argue with the whole point, which is that as much as Philly has to offer, it has less to offer than New York.

  25. Jim C said...

    Yeah, Philly does not have as much to offer as NYC. Not as much dirt, not as much crime, restaurant prices not as much of a ripoff, not as much arrogance, and not as many arrogant a-holes.

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