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Terry Francona on the Metrodome in which, barring a Boston-Minnesota playoff series, the Red Sox will never play again:

“I have a lot of respect for the Twins — I always have — because I love the way they play the game, I really do. [But] I think this place stinks. This ballpark stinks. Balls are hitting the [stinking] roof, the speakers — it’s awful. For me, I feel like we are in an office building and all of a sudden you walk downstairs and there is a game to be played. The Kingdome, it was kind of ugly, but it didn’t feel like you were in an office building to me.”

I have a couple of ideas about what the word “stinking” replaced.

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  1. Michael said...

    Lawl. From MLB.com of course.

    MLB needs to sanitize baseball, so it’s very important that they leave no clue, instead of using [expletive] as most normal, AP-guide-following reporters would use.

    In Selig Happy Baseball World everyone says “stinking” and “darn,” no one pitches inside, and arguing loudly enough to cause spittle to leave your mouth while enunciating a plosive consonant is punishable by suspension.

  2. Jake said...

    I wonder how many years before that particular gerund is no longer blanked out anywhere.  Bono got away with it on live TV a few years ago because the FCC ruled it was an expression of emphasis and had nothing to do with that vile, unspeakable act that no decent human being has ever taken part in, either as participant or result.

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