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Since David Gassko posted earlier today, I won’t bother to put up a long post. I will, however, point you guys to a couple of good reads. The first is, of course, David Gassko’s post that appears below this. I don’t talk about Line Drive percentage much for pitchers, but it is helpful in evaluating them. It’s something I’ve been meaning to talk about more but seem to forget. I’ll be talking about it more for pitcher analysis. Also, this post gave me an idea. Perhaps, once a week, I’ll post the league leaders (on both ends of the spectrum) for various “luck” statistics to help you gauge which guys make good Buy Low and Sell High targets. This would also be accompanied by a normal post for whatever day I choose.

The next two aren’t fantasy related, but they are enjoyable nonetheless. Over on the THT home page, Jacob Jackson’s article on Paul DePodesta is quite interesting. I always believed DePodesta was wronged by the Dodgers, and it’s nice to see an article like this. As a Mets fan, I have to support Omar Minaya, but there have been times I’ve questioned his judgment just a bit as he seems more like a “scout” than a “stat guy.” If he trades for a guy like Mark Buehrle or Dontrelle Willis, I will lose a lot of faith in him.

Whatever he does, I don’t think it’s even a remote possibility for the Mets to fire Minaya and bring in DePodesta, although I wouldn’t consider it a bad move. Since it’s not going to happen, though, I won’t waste any more time thinking about it. As a Mets fan, the longer DePodesta is out of the game, the better. Hopefully, when he does get a job, it will be with an American League club.

This last article had me in stitches this afternoon as I read it. It’s a bit long, but ohhhhhh is it worth it. It’s over at Fire Joe Morgan and it’s about— guess who—Joe Morgan. The article I’m talking about is the first one on the page, dated Tuesday, June 26, 2007. I’m very rarely one to knock somebody else, but some of the Morgan quotes are just absurd. I’m just going to leave it at that. You’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with the Waiver Wire.

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