Rick Burleson Interview

The Angels’ blog Three Days of Cryin’ has a lengthy interview with former Red Sox and Angels shortstop Rick Burleson. I always knew who Burleson was, of course, but before this interview I really couldn’t tell you much about his career beyond the highlights and lowlights of the teams on which he played, so this was a supremely enjoyable read. Highlights: Burleson’s very centered and reasonable take on the life of a minor league manager and the behind-the-scenes details of what it’s like to suffer a major injury as a player.

Definitely worth your time today.

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  1. Melody said...

    What was that you said about a slow posting schedule today?  Did your hearing get canceled, or do the ShysterKids not need to eat that much after all? 

    Happy Friday!

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    They’re both looking a little chunky lately, so some starvation would do them good.

    Seriously, though: while I’m checking in at the moment, things going live right now may have been written a few hours ago and post-timed.  I’m never proud of myself when I do that, but until someone starts paying me to blog, the job comes first.

    Hearing at 3pm.  Frantic preparation ongoing!

  3. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Yeah, this one will.  He was the one who picked the time, probably thinking that the state employee wouldn’t show up.

    Bonus: he’s a former boss who doesn’t yet know that I’m the state employee who is going to show up.

  4. Thomas J. Comer said...

    Excellent Interview and I had no idea Rick was in my D’Back organization.  Great news.


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