RIP Ottawa and Atlantic City

Just last week we were talking about the Can-Am League and the Ottawa Voyageurs. Now there’s nothin’ left to talk about:

After 10 years of poor attendance and a struggle for attention blocks away from the casinos, the minor league Atlantic City Surf has struck out.

The team, which played in the independent Can-Am League, is discontinuing operations, along with another Can-Am team, the Ottawa Voyageurs.

Miles Wolff, the league’s commissioner, said Monday that a deal to sell the Surf last week fell through. Without strong ownership and the money to back it, Wolff says it made no sense to continue to operate the club.

“We are tremendously disappointed that the Can-Am League will not be in Ottawa and Atlantic City in 2009,” Wolff said. “These are two cities that we believe can be strong members. However, without solid ownership and the financial commitment behind these teams, it is in the best interest of the league to go with six clubs.”

I guess that leaves Oil Can Boyd in the lerch. Well, there’s always Los Angeles. If the Dodgers have room for Jeff Weaver and Eric Milton, they have to have room for Boyd.

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  1. Pete Toms said...

    Disappointed.  First summer in the past 16 that I won’t spend a good chunk of at our baseball stadium.  Will indy ball return?  Wouldn’t be unheard of, these leagues expand, contract, fold, resurface with regularity….on the other hand some city pols are already making noise about demolishing the stadium.

    The demise of professional baseball in Canada continues….

  2. BillyBeaneismyHero said...

    I think the bigger question is that if Atlantic City can’t support a low level minor league team, how can we expect Las Vegas to support a major league team?

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