1. DavidB said...

    I was told not to speak ill of the dead, so I just won’t say anything at all.

    Okay, I’ll say this: the dude was a long-time actor, right?  So why the heck was the entire obituary a celebration of his claim to be a
    “9/11 Republican”?  Is it really newsworthy that one out of the billions of war-loving neo-cons passed away?  And isn’t it an insult to his actual WORK that they don’t even bother talking about that but instead just focus on the fact that he loved the government? 

    So….damn….sick of our hyper-politicized, war-loving culture.  Can’t go to baseball games – or websites – without running into it.

  2. Will said...

    Uh, DavidB, you brought up his eeevil, war-mongering, neo-con ways, not Craig. If you don’t want to see politics in this blog, you’re doing a lousy job of showing it.

  3. DavidB said...


    Never said anything about evil, but maybe I should’ve because then you would’ve learned to spell it right.

    Unlike you….I actually read the article that the blog post linked to.  Maybe you could’ve just used some, like, common sense and inferred that? 

    Just leave me alone, Republican.  Go back to your Viagra and worshiping the military.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Enough, fellas.  Feel free to talk politics all you want, but I won’t tolerate the ad hominem stuff in this space.

    Thanks in advance for the cooperation which will no doubt be forthcoming.

  5. Charles Kitchen said...

    His performance as Ron Silver, a talented actor and also a cold blooded killer in heat vision and jack was inspired.

    I think it is hard to play the role of a very serious character in a comedic way. He was very good at that.

  6. Clete said...

    I sat near Ron Silver at game 1 of the 2003 World Series.  I appeared on national television because Fox was promoting their upcoming show “Skin” that lasted only a week or two.

    LOL J. McCann.

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