Roster Doctor – 6/16/09

Normally we post a full roster and give advice based on what we see. But let’s cut to the chase this time.

One reader writes an e-mail with the subject line: “Dear Lord Do I Need Help.”

I question why this reader is asking for my divine help after he clearly has cut a deal with the devil. How else to explain a roster comprised of this All-Star injury list: Jose Reyes, Josh Hamilton, Carlos Quentin, Joey Votto?

The reader asks: “So, I have six bench spots and five of them are occupied by players on the DL with no set timetables on when they may return and then there is Denard Span, who seems to have wandered into the same Mystery Spot that Votto did and so one can only imagine when he will resume playing. I know that 3/5 of my starting rotation is rather mediocre at best and would like to improve it, but what I can realistically expect to get back for any of the players currently on the DL?”

Personally, I wouldn’t give much for any of these players—too much risk involved—but I’m betting you’ll still get a decent return. At very least, you should be able to get a starting pitcher who has struggled out of the gate, but whose fortunes may rise. According to data, players like Quentin and Hamilton have recently netted pitchers like Jon Lester, Roy Oswalt, John Lackey, Rich Harden, Francisco Liriano, and Josh Beckett.

We see that Jose Reyes and Joey Votto are commanding a bit more. Maybe it’s because teams expect them back sooner. Regardless, these players have been netting pitchers like Dan Haren, Cole Hamels, Carlos Zambrano, Josh Johnson, and even Johan Santana.

With this many injuries, in a weekly H2H league, it’s imperative to deal quickly and upgrade where you can. Put all your injured superstars on the block, announce you want to trade at least two of them for great pitchers, and take the best offers. Sit on the remaining superstars and hope you can squeak by in time for a playoff push.

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  1. Aaron said...

    As the individual that made said deal with the devil, thanks for the advice. With all those names, you gave me some helpful parameters to work with. Too bad that my league mates so far have not offered much more than the dregs of their teams.

  2. Steve W. Rosenbaum said...

    I currently have Todd Helton in my Utility slot.
    With Chris B. Young finally showing signs of life, should I drop Helton and pick up Young?

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