Ryan Sadowski’s Mom

Laugh if you want, but Sadowski’s mom did better for him than Tommy Tanzer and Scott Boras did for Matt Harrington:

You think Scott Boras is a determined agent? Boras couldn’t carry Elaine Sadowski’s cell phone. Mrs. Sadowski is the mother of Ryan Sadowski, the Giants’ only undefeated starting pitcher. He’s 2-0 since being called up eight days ago, and he goes again Wednesday afternoon against the Marlins . . .

. . . Sadowski, who is 26, was a nice high school pitcher in the Miami area. He was recruited to Florida, where he got his butt Super Glued to the bench. In two seasons, he pitched a total of 62/3 innings . . . You can guess how much interest he stirred among pro scouts. Sadowski believed he could pitch, but he knew it would be almost impossible to get a sniff. So he asked his mom, a retired elementary school teacher, to phone each of the 30 big-league teams, get the name and phone number of the team’s Miami-area scout, call each team’s scout and say, “I’m Ryan Sadowski’s mother. Please phone my son. He can pitch and he’d like a chance to show you.”

I wonder if Mrs. Sadowski took her 10% . . .

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  1. Richard in Dallas said...

    Kudos to the Giants for being open-minded (desperate?) enough to take a call from a kid’s mom!

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