Schilling Retires

It wasn’t much in doubt, but now it’s official:

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling says he’s retiring from baseball.

The right-hander who won World Series championships with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox announced on his blog Monday that he’s leaving after 23 years with “zero regrets.”

Thank God Schilling has been relieved of practicing the discretion required of a working Major League ballplayer and can finally open up and tell us how he really feels about things.

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  1. Richard in Dallas said...

    I can’t wait for the self censorship of “38 Pitches” to be lifted.  Maybe we can get the real poop on the bloody sock (one thing for certain, it wasn’t from a bleeding needle prick from injecting PED’s!).  A truly fine pitcher with a passion for the integrity of the game is now gone, and his presence will be missed……

    Enjoy the life you’ve earned for yourself, Curt!

  2. tadthebad said...

    @ Andy L:

      A total asshole wouldn’t be as involved with charities as Schilling is.  Maybe a fraction of an asshole…?

  3. Richard in Dallas said...

    At 42, this will certainly be his last retirement.  Remember, he’s not the freak that Nolan was, nor would he roid up like Roger….

  4. Wooden U Lykteneau said...

    No, not a total asshole – the other part is blowhard. And the folks at Yavapai Community College couldn’t be prouderer.

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