1. smsetnor said...

    Absolutely.  The man is amazing.  After getting XM, I found myself listening to a lot of Dodger games.

    I just read that Scully will be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.  That’s a easy scoring fly ball right there.

  2. Kelly said...

    I grew up in L.A. and have listened to thousands of broadcasts with Scully. He truly is the best. That being said, his mistakes over the past several years have been many and easily noticeable, but because he’s been so great for so long, they are easily forgiveable.

  3. Koby said...

    Great piece from the man’s mouth. Even though I’m not a Dodgers’ fan, I’d catch myself listening to Vin either through MLB Gameday Audio or on XM at the start of games. There’s not a better storyteller as an announcer today, and he doesn’t seem to have lost anything the times I’ve heard him. Thanks for the link.

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