See you on the other side

And thus endeth the current iteration of ShysterBall. Starting Monday it will be all CTB, all the time. It’ll be everything ShysterBall is and more. I’m hoping you all join me.

But this is not goodbye old friends, it is merely farewell, for I will be back on the esteemed pages of THT come April with “And That Happened.” Same Bat Time — early — but different Bat Channel — most likely at THT Live. I may even start doing it on the weekends. We’ll see.

Like I said yesterday, thanks to all of you for making this blog everything that it has become. If it weren’t for your clicks, comments, praise and, occasionally, scorn, I would have quit a long time ago. If that had happened and I never would have realized my dream of becoming a full time writer and there would be one more practicing lawyer in the world come Monday. Nobody needs that.

I’m the luckiest sonofabitch on the face of the Earth, and don’t you think for a second I don’t know that. And for that allow me to, once again, offer my thanks.


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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    This isn’t so bad- just do a Clemens and throw it over their heads once in a while, and we’ll keep giving secret handshakes to each other.  Hell, maybe even I’ll begin to bond with EvilEpirE2009.Will take my CAPSLOCK in for a tune up.

  2. Jon said...

    Can you tell NBC that partial RSS feeds suck?  And that maybe it would be nice to offer feeds of particular writers, rather than having to follow all the writers?

  3. APBA Guy said...

    Now begins a new era, having to compete with the shouters for comment time. I guess I can tune-up by yelling at Skip Bayless. No wait, I don’t watch those shows.

    I guess I’ll just have to keep reading. Best of luck.

  4. The Rabbit said...

    Thanks Will. 
    @Wooden: Didn’t even have to play with Yahoo pipes…I could add a Craig-only RSS feed from CTB to “favorite feeds” just by using Will’s URL link.  I just clicked on “subscribe to this feed”.
    Craig, Nice to know that there is one multiglobal corporation that recognizes talent.  Wish you every success.
    Stupid question: Is there a feed at your “dead blog” so we can tell when you’ve posted there?

  5. PalookaJoe said...

    Thanks for a wonderful blog, Shyster! And best of luck with the new venture. Now take it on the heel and toe, and don’t give nobody the high hat!

  6. BillyBeaneismyHero said...

    Thanks to you Craig for giving me something to read, while I was avoiding doing my work.  I will see you over at CTB.

  7. David said...

    You’re right that the world doesn’t need any more lawyers….but does it really need General Electrics minions any less?

    Obligatory jokes aside, quick congratulations (because from the sound of things this is an upgrade in your private life) and I personally want to gratefully recognize and appreciate your fine work here.  For me, this mostly means your tolerance of – and even sometimes interest in – my (unintentionally) incendiary posts and their temperamental tone.  This past summer I wrote dozens (hundreds?) of posts that were often emphatically opposed to the sentiments of the masses and had lots of references to “conspiracy theories” and other issues that usually cause modern Americans to break into hysterics.  Many (most?) message boards have power-tripping (and obsessively politicized) moderators and hive-minded, groupthinking posters.  But Shysterball was much more dynamic and fun than the vast majority of those because (a) you participated in them and, more importantly, (b) you let people offer ideas without being oppressive and fearful of people who offered unique info or ideas.  I know that I said some intensely politically incorrect things, but only one of my posts was deleted, and that deletion came with a full explanation (which I didn’t agree with, but nevermind!) 

    (Quick plug for my blog.)

    I don’t really know if too many other people here have the same sort of negative experience at message boards that I do, but I can definitely say that my memories of Shysterball are fond ones, and “fond” isn’t a word I personally associate with the internet too often!

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