Seeing the glass half full is one thing, but . . .

. . . this is simply an exercise in delusion:

If San Diego’s offense were a restaurant, it would be getting one-star reviews from some observers.

Scouts have generally been remarkably unimpressed by the Padres’ lineup. Then, there was the GM of another National League West team who said anonymously that the Friars “look like a terrible team in terms of position players.”

Pretty vicious, but the numbers tell a different story, despite San Diego’s Cactus League record dipping to 4-15-3 with Sunday’s 12-7 loss to Arizona. The Padres scored seven-plus for the ninth time in their last 16 exhibitions while banging out 15 hits . . .

. . . Eating crow is one of baseball’s many traditions. Those who have dissed the San Diego offense may need to hone their appetite for that exotic dish.

Back when really started to ramp up its editorial content, there were some who worried that it would essentially be Pravda, reporting on nothing but the wondrous glory that is Major League Baseball. That concern was put to rest a long time ago, and the site serves as a useful source of content, especially when it comes to transactions news.

But every once in a while you read a story like this and you can’t help but wonder if a directive came down from on high to “pump up the Padres” due to slow ticket sales or something.

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  1. Detroit Michael said...

    Rob Neyer recently wrote a blog post about comments made by former Expos owner Claude Brochu regarding owners’ knowledge of steroid use.  Somehow, aka Pravda, missed that story.  Yes, I suspect the bias is intentional.

  2. Jason said...

    The Padres really are terrible…but in assigning blame for the upcoming 60 win season, I’m going to have to go with the pitching. 

    Petco really depresses offensive numbers, Gonzalez is probably a top 5 first baseman, Giles should post an OBP near .400, and maybe Headley can hit his 75th percentile PECOTA projection.  The offense could be ok.

    But scoring enough runs to win games started by Peavy, Young, Baek, Poopstart4, and Poopstart5 is another story.

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