1. ChuckO said...

    How can you be so concerned about the length of the game and complain about the enforcement of rules about speeding it up without mentioning the ridiculous amount of time between half innings? That three minutes adds a total of 51 minutes to the length of a nine inning game. I hadn’t realized how much it impacted one’s enjoyment of the game until I watched the film of Don Larson’s perfect game on the MLB network.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Chuck—Back in Larsen’ day gate made up the vast majority of a team’s income.  Today they need to sell television time in order to pay the bills.  Sure, I’d like that to go away, but they game has to stay in business.  Shortening the time outs and mound visits and stuff, on the other hand, does nothing to hurt the bottom line.  Well, maybe beer sales.

  3. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    The car selection was a nice one.  Depending my my motives and destinating, I might have opted for a ‘64 Lincoln with the suicide doors or any number of vintage Corvettes.  Give me a bigger budget and I’m hunting for an old Jag, in requisite racing green.

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