Silver Chalice Ventures

I’ve written in the past about Fenway Sports Group and its not-subject-to-revenue-sharing money. The Red Sox are not the only team getting in on the act:

The Chicago White Sox are stepping up to the plate in the digital media arena.

Silver Chalice Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Major League Baseball team, is working with customers to boost business online and via mobile platforms by helping clients offer such services as the ability check scores on cell phones.

The revenue raised by Silver Chalice will not be subject to baseball’s revenue-sharing rules, meaning everything generated by Silver Chalice belongs 100 percent to the team, said Brooks Boyer, White Sox chief marketing officer and CEO of the new venture.

If David Glass were serious about making the Royals a winner he’d rebrand the pharmacies and sporting goods sections of every Wal-Mart store “Royal-Mart” and give Dayton Moore a billion dollars to play with every year.

Well, not the Dayton Moore part.

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  1. michael standish said...

    Bozos Branding Dept.

    It took about a hundred years, but the avant-garde art movement Dada (“Only a Bad Harvest Can Save Us”) and the Surrealist poets (“Everything Is Analogous To Everything Else”) have finally triumphed.

    Anyone who’s seen the alleged movie “The Silver Chalice” will know what I mean by that; those who haven’t are in for a harder time, as Paul Newman, the lead actor, (reportedly and very believably) bought every copy of the thing and burned them all.

    I can only assume that other possibilities (How about Edsel Marketing? Perhaps [insert favorite Windows joke here]?) involved copyright snags.

    The real question, though, is whether the name was picked by Ozzie Guillen or Kenny Williams.

  2. Ron said...

    “if only David Glass were serious about making the Royals a winner”

    Now that’s funny. Excuse me while I go beat my head against a wall.

  3. The Rabbit said...

    Craig, your response cracked me up. Dozens of dollars may be an overstatement.
    Ooooh…I really need that service because I can watch any MLB game live in Gameday format on my very cheap cell phone as part of my basic cell service even here in the Ozarks.
    “The real question, though, is whether the name was picked by Ozzie Guillen or Kenny Williams”
    Not sure but it could have been the same person who decided marketing the Chevy Nova in Latin countries was a good idea. (For those who are not aware, Nova, translates “Does not go.”)

  4. MiekS said...

    IF MLB was serious about making the Royals and Pirates competitive…

    AND they believed money was the reason they weren’t competitiive…

    They would institute salary caps/floors.

    Note I don’t say that these things ARE true…

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