Sleepover at Trey’s

Trey Hillman is having a little get together/mini-camp at his Texas home next week:

Hey, y’all, come on down to Liberty Hill, Texas. Set a spell. Chew the fat. Snag some worm-killers. Whack the ol’ horsehide.

All you infielders, that is.

Yep, Royals manager Trey Hillman is having most of his infielders down to his south Texas spread early next week for a little get-together. Most of his coaches will be there, too.

Get some vittles cookin’, Marie, the boys are comin’ over.

“It’s totally a volunteer thing,” Hillman said. “I planned on the coaching staff getting together at my place anyhow in January. Even for the staff it’s not mandatory, but it gives us a chance to get ahead of the game for Spring Training. It kind of dominoed into a little mini-camp.”

Actually, Hillman’s spread is a modest six acres. Last year, Hillman got rid of his goat herd and used the back three acres to install a Major League-size infield covered with AstroTurf and a batting cage.

“That used to be the goat pasture,” Hillman said. “Now it’s a baseball pasture.”

I suppose it’s all in good fun — and hey, if adding barbeque and a few DVDs in the evening keeps this from being an illegal mini-camp of some sort, great — but can you imagine Billy Martin or Earl Weaver doing this kind of thing?

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  1. Crispix attacks said...

    Hillman was also quoted saying about Kauffman Stadium proudly: “This used to be the baseball pasture.  Now it’s the goat pasture.”

  2. The Common Man said...

    I suppose they’ll be watching Major League over and over, for inspiration.  And, if they misbehave, Trey can put in Major League II as punishment.

  3. Ron said...

    You don’t make it easy for me to try and be a good person.

    Right now my hands are itching to write something like a herion addict going through withdrawal.

  4. Ron said...

    If he’s gotten rid of the goats, then why has Tony Pena been invited.

    Knowing he will be the best athlete there, Alex Gordon understands that he will still have to eat 7th, behind guys who can’t carry his goat turd-encrusted cleates, when the manager should actually be spoon-feeding you.

    The Royals can’t afford to acquire a major league hitter (and Crisp and Jacobs do not count as such), but they can pay thier manager enough money to build a backyard ball park?

    The manager built a back yard park with artificial turf when his teams plays on natural grass, yet he has been annointed the savior of the franchise.

    The only DVD they should be watchiing is “A League Of Their Own”, to remind us that the only ones who get to cry in baseball are Royals fans.

    Ryan Shealey is sitting at home knowing he doesn’t have to show, because even if he did, he wouldn’t get to play.

    Esteban German is surprised at the invitation, because he didn’t think Hillman actually knew he was on the roster.

    Willie Bloomquist is estatic that only the infielders were invited, which means he will get to start somewhere. Probably pitching, and will be so good at it, that he will then be traded for Andy Marte.

    I have to stop now, I’m getting worked up. I’ll be back later.

  5. Ron said...

    And Alberto Castillo is fully aware that drinnking a beer in front of his manager will result in stay on the 90-day disable list due to a pulled left hamstring.

    And the coaching staff is hoping whiskey will be served, so they can get an early start on the season.

    Meanwhile, Hillman is checking the exchange rate for yen daily, and laughiing all the way to the bank.

  6. Ron said...

    Meanwhile, the minor league prospects are wondering why they didn’t get an invitation, until they all realize that Dayton Moore’s plan to save the Royals through the draft has left them with no infield prospects above A ball.

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