Sometimes it rains

There are many reasons I like the cut of CC Sabathia’s jib. This is the latest:

Rain can delay Friday’s Game 1 of the ALCS between the Yankees and Angels, which would give starter CC Sabathia time to play his favorite video game.

“I’m pretty relaxed, hanging out,” Sabathia said. “It just gives me a lot of time to play R.B.I.”

In R.B.I. Baseball, the 1980s video game that is popular in the Yankees’ clubhouse, Sabathia’s favorite player is Bert Blyleven of the 1987 Minnesota Twins.

I like both the game and that he chooses Blyleven.

If he had said Hardball Baseball for the C64, I probably would have started a fan club chapter. Has there ever been a better #2 hitter than Guy Jose? And how unhittable was Pepi Perez’ screwball?

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  1. Drew said...

    Now that was a potent flashback right there.  Pepi Perez, man.

    But the most telling memory of that game were the guys who had:


  2. Drew said...

    Apparently, my Hardball! related posts look like SPAM because I’m typing out the pitch list for my favorite guys.  Suffice it to say that game stole way too many hours of my childhood.  2 teams, fictional players, and no concept of a “season”.  And I couldn’t stop playing.  It was always great when you’d accidentally throw to the wrong base from the outfield and the ball would travel sickeningly slow through the air to your target base.  The quick runners could grab two extra bags on a bad throw.  Thanks, Craig.  You made my day.

  3. Craig Calcaterra said...

    I think it was the music.  I still have it run through my head all the time.  I won’t even try to do it phoenetically here. You know how it goes.

    Other fun glitch: you could almost guarantee yourself a base hit with the weak sisters at the bottom of the lineup (Monte Bautista!) you could hold the joystick straight up and swing, hitting an infield popup that, for some reason wouldn’t activate the pitcher on defense.  You’re standing on first by the time the first baseman can get to the ball, and the table is set up for Jose, Miller, Craven, Lorenzen and Laws . . .

  4. Drew said...

    The pop-up was key to success.  What was really infuriating was when someone else hit it and you had to try to field it.  Watching your guy creep in one pixel at a time, and knowing there was no way he could make a play.

    Another great thing:  When a guy would dive for the ball, you could just keep moving him around the field in his dive position.  Nothing better than sliding a guy around in circles while he was on his belly.

  5. Breaker said...

    Ahh, Hardball.  One of the weirdest programming glitches of all time: if you intentionally walked a batter, and while he was trotting to first told the pitcher to throw to second base, the pitcher would hold the ball until the batter reached first base, and would then turn and throw the ball OVER THE CENTERFIELD FENCE and the batter would be awarded a homerun.

    I spent way to many hours with that game.

  6. Beanster said...

    Totally second tbliggins’ Guy Jose comment!

    I used to drive my brother nuts throwing Sinker after Sinker and he could never lay off them.

    Also loved Star League Baseball with the strange yet strangely effective right field perspective.

    Thanks, CC

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