Stat Fun

With apologies to Jayson Stark’s research staff, I must say that I usually don’t care for those “look at these weird stats!” pieces. But this one did do what those things are intended to do, which is to make read it and go “Hmm. Neat”:

A third of the way through the season, James Loney is on pace to drive in 123 runs. The last Dodger with that many RBIs was Shawn Green in 2001.

But with only two home runs before Wednesday’s game, Loney is also on pace to finish the season with six. To find the last time in franchise history a player drove in so many runs with so few homers, you have to go back 117 years, to 1892 and Hall of Famer Dan Brouthers, who had five homers and a league-leading 124 RBIs when the team was called the Brooklyn Grooms.

Hmm. Neat.

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