State of THT Fantasy

I wanted to pop in quickly to fill you guys in on a few of the changes coming for THT Fantasy.

Musical chairs

As you’ve surely noticed, Victor Wang hasn’t penned an article in a few weeks. Victor, unfortunately, will not be writing for THT Fantasy anymore as he’ll be doing some work for an MLB team. Congratulations, Victor! In addition, Michael Lerra won’t be writing for a while for personal reasons.

Best of luck to you, Victor and Michael. It was great having your talents at THTF.

While it’s a shame to lose these talented writers, I do have the privilege of introducing you to a few new writers that we’re very excited about.

I introduced you all to John Burnson a couple of weeks ago, and you’ve been reading his work these past few Fridays. You may know John previously from his work at Baseball HQ, his annual Graphical Player book, or Heater Magazine.

Matt Hagen, who you may know from Minor League Notebook, will begin writing about minor league players and call-ups shortly.

Eric Hinz, who runs a blog called Fake Teams, will begin writing about AL and NL-only leagues next week as well.

New feature

With the astounding popularity of Roster Doctor, a number of readers have asked if we’ll be doing anything similar for trade offers. The answer is that we most certainly will, possibly as soon as next week. Stay tuned for more information about this—I imagine what we have planned could surpass Roster Doctor in popularity. All I can tell you now is that it will be called Trading Post. Going forward, you guys should be able to look forward to Roster Doctor on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Trading Post on Tuesday and Thursday (this, of course, will be in addition to regular, full-length columns from our writers).

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  1. Mark said...

    Hey Derek—Roster Doctor is great, and I think Trading Post sounds fantastic…..but I’m missing the old “Waiver Wire” articles. I also remember articles you did like “Young 3B comparison”. Any chance we’ll see something in this vein soon?

  2. Mike Clay said...

    You guys going to bring back the AL and NL Waiver Wire feature? That is my favorite part of the site.

  3. kris said...

    I’d love to write a waiver-wire piece, unfortunately I curse like a sailor and have zero copy-editing skills.

    Waiver-Wire Waves, Scaling the Open Ocean With Your Fantasy Seaman.

    Oh, and I have no experience…

  4. Kevin said...

    OK…to recap.  Everyone wants a return of the waiver wire feature but there are no plans to bring it back.  The state of THT Fantasy?  Who cares about the readers!

  5. Derek Carty said...

    Sorry for coming in late here, guys.  I’ve been very busy lately.  There are indeed plans to bring back Waiver Wire, so not to worry.  We’re still working out a few details, so I didn’t want to make an official announcement about it in this article.

  6. Mike Clay said...

    I hope you were joking, Kevin.

    Unless you’re paying Derek and Co. out of your pocket, there’s no reason to take a shot like that.

    Just sayin…

  7. kris said...

    Waiver Wire Haiku For The Week Of the 27th.

    Ubaldo Wild,
    Not Quite Effectively So.
    Quick Fix, Pick Up Now!

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