State of THT Fantasy

The season is quickly winding down, but we’ve still got a lot going on at THT Fantasy. This week, I’m proud to introduce you to two new members of the THTF team.

The first is Mike Silver, who you may know from his work at MVN’s Statistically Speaking blog. Mike will be doing player profiles and analysis for us. He’ll officially introduce himself to everyone tomorrow, but he sneaks into the action today by tackling this week’s Fantasy Baseball Roundtable question, proposed by THT Fantasy.

The second “new” member of the team should actually be a very familiar face for everyone. Your friendly neighborhood psychologist, Marco Fujimoto (who needed to take a leave of absence for personal reasons) is now back and ready to go. You’ll start seeing his work every other week starting next Thursday.

Finally, because most fantasy baseball trading deadlines will have passed by next week, the Roster Doctor will be going into hibernation. I’d like to thank everyone who submitted their roster for consideration, and hopefully we were able to help some you improve your teams and bring you a step closer to a fantasy baseball championship.

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