Stealing Home is a radio show/podcast focused on the world of baseball. Current events, trends, history, and great stories surrounding America’s pastime are all discussed. Stealing Home digs deeper to find the beauty, sadness, idiosyncrasies and wonderment that surround the game we love. All fans are welcome.

Stealing Home is hosted and produced by David Temple. Our thanks to Ryan Dunsmore of The Crawfish Boxes for the artwork.

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Episode 22: Those Other Leagues

Who says you need to see the big-leaguers play to have fun? The minor and independent leagues can offer just as much excitement. Those other leagues offer plenty to cheer, and plenty to learn.

Episode 21: The Ones That Got Away

We all remember those players, coaches, or even teams that got away. They leave us wondering “what if?”, and make for great fodder for pub arguments for years and years.

Welcome to Stealing Home

Hello, everyone. I’m David Temple. I’m a writer here on The Hardball Times, as well as FanGraphs and NotGraphs. I also host the podcast Stealing Home. Stealing Home has been a pet project of mine for some time now, but now I’m happy to announce that the show has gone big time, as it’s now […]

Episode 17: The Presenters

The latest episode of Stealing Home deals with the presenters, those that are responsible for getting us the game we love in all the formats we need.

Episode 16: The Losers

Stealing Home returns for Season 2 on a down note, as it were, by looking at some of the big losers in the game of baseball.

Episode 15: Overlooked

Stealing Home returns to full-length episodes by looking at some players, teams, and plays that can be overlooked in baseball. There are many from which to choose, but I look at four.

Episode 13: Fair[Foul]

Take the total number of hits, and divide by the total number of at-bats. That’s batting average. It’s been with the game almost as long as bats and balls. It was adapted from a cricket stat of the same name. For all its faults, it’s still the standard measurement for a hitter’s ability. If a player leads the league in stolen bases for a season, they are the stolen base leader. Strikeouts, home runs? Same thing. Leader. But batting average is so entrenched in the game, such a litmus test for hitting, that if a player has the best batting average at the end of season, he’s not the leader, he’s the champion. He owns a batting title.