Episode 11: Phenoms



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Episode 11 of Stealing Home is all about phenoms, the young players we love to love.


At the top of the show, I talk to Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus about seeing phenoms on the other side. He is a prospect analyst, and follows these guys from the start.


Yasiel Puig has taken the league by storm, and newly-minted band Puig Destroyer is dedicating music to him, with a sound that matches Puig’s game in intensity.

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Chris Cwik is a baseball writer, but not so long ago he was in charge of the scoreboard for the Washington Nationals. And he happened to be there during a pretty cool time for the franchise.

That, plus a ground-breaking MVP of My Heart.


Note Drop, Broke for Free

If, Broke for Free

Smile, Michael Veazey

Talk to Me, Jahzzar

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    The bullpen can seem to be a word all its own sometimes, so I spoke with Twins closer Glen Perkins to get the scoop on just what goes on in that little section behind the outfield.

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